Feather Flags

OCTOBER 30, 2019| SpeedPro Harrisburg

When they think of business signage, many people think of stationary wall signs, pole signs or hanging signs. But did you know that custom flags are a fantastic form of business signage too?

For any business, visibility is crucial. No one can come to buy your products, no matter how excellent they are, if they don’t know what your business is or where to find it. Studies have shown that almost half of consumers — 49.7% — have mistakenly driven by a business because its inadequate signage meant they couldn’t find it on the street.

No business can afford to lose potential clients in this way. Fortunately, banners and flags provide a wonderful way to make the exterior of a business fun, inviting and impossible to miss.

Printed banners and flags, especially bright and versatile feather flags, are a great, cost-effective way to promote your business by making it more visible and attractive to consumers. Learn more about the benefits of business feather flags and how they can help your marketing efforts.


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