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NOVEMBER 12, 2018| SpeedPro Imaging Harrisburg

Have you ever wondered what goes into planning a trade show?  Think about all the items you see when you walk into a car show, the PA Home Show or even a Christmas show.  Companies want YOU to come to their booth first.  So how they get customers to see their space is with trade show collateral.

Collateral can be anything from the smallest business card to huge backdrops, banners stands, welcome posters, table throws… the list can go on and on. Some have video content to show demonstrations and tutorials. Whatever YOUR gig is, we at Speedpro Imaging can help you to have a successful trade show, meeting or symposium.

What is most important in trade show collateral is how to execute your brand or product. Eye-catching promotional materials are a great way to lure  over even the most disinterested  person. Silver step banner stands that come in all sizes are a wonderful way to display graphics, pictures and logos.  Poster boards can spell out company websites and missions statements. Whatever it is you are trying to get across, Speedpro Imaging will deliver the impact you desire.


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