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Dreamscape: What is it? Why should I use it?

FEBRUARY 12, 2020| SpeedPro Innovations



Speedpro Innovations is the only Dreamscape certified printer in the Reading area, which means our quality has been approved by the manufacturer to be up to their standards. Dreamscape Printable Wall Media is a multitude of products with so many application options for interior designs and experiential spaces. One of the options for this material is a custom printed wallpaper which is applied with standard wall paper glue, creating a long lasting permanent visual effect. The great thing about Dreamscape is that it is not just flat white wall paper there are great textures like canvas, plaster, and beaded  patterns.  There are great special effects such as cooper, brushed metals and a bling finish. They also have a sustainable line of products that are offered by Dreamscape. In an age where people are more aware of their waste production, they find some comfort with the option of sustainable and recycled material. Another of Dreamscapes’ top products is their wall wraps, this is a line of self-adhesive, permanently re-positional wall media with 4 different textural finishes. With all of the options for application and finishes the opportunity to create an amazing experience within your space is unparalleled.

Dreamscapes printed wall media allows spaces to be transformed without the complexities of full blown renovations. Wall wraps and custom printed wall paper are great solutions for rented spaces that want a full makeover without the risk of losing a deposit. What makes the application of printed wall paper versus wall wraps is that typically wall wraps overlap a little bit to make sure the image is continuous. With wallpapers they are printed to be applied as a butting panels, this means they are right next to each other make the effect smooth and seamless. Dreamscape is an amazing interior design product due to the multitude of finishes, there are plaster and canvas textures along with metallic and sparkling finishes. The option of permanently adhesive and permanently removable make these productions uniquely suited to rebrand, update, or seasonally change entire rooms, office spaces, and studios. With access to Dreamscape products large format printing is able to go beyond billboards and banners, we can now be relevant in architecture, interior design, and renovations.

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