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How to Get the Most Out of Your New Car Wrap

FEBRUARY 17, 2020| SpeedPro Innovations



Wrapping a car can be a serious investment in your business. It can be hard to discern what vinyl and installation techniques are “meh” and which ones produce a “wow”. Here’s a hint; the difference is in the details. So what sets the best above the rest? Today we will be talking about a combination of factors including air egress technology, coating, and installation techniques that make a car or truck wrap last the longest.

What is Air Egress Technology?

Air egress refers to the ability of the car wrap vinyl to allow air through it. This means that if there is an air bubble in the material when it is applied, the installer can simply press down on the material. The air escapes through the material, causing it to lay flat to the vehicle. This means it is a simpler install, with higher-quality results, and longer-lasting durability.

Best quality brands of car wrap vinyl

The two main kinds of professional-grade vehicle vinyl are 3M and Avery. Both of these brands have Air-egress and durable coatings. They can be used interchangeably. It takes 36-72 hours for the adhesive to “cure” once applied, and they are pro-rated to last 7-10 years.

Best brands of car wrap vinyl for people on a budget

Ij40 by 3M, while not specifically designed for vehicles, works well as a vinyl for decals or partial wraps. We would not recommend using this for a full wrap. Ij40 is a standard intermediate EZ apply vinyl. It does have air-egress technology, however the vinyl stretches less than some other brands that are made specifically for vehicles, which means you will be replacing it sooner than if you used the pro-grade vinyl.

How to get the most out of your car wrap

How to tell the difference between a good wrap and a bad wrap.

Vinyl is wrapped around gas caps instead of cut.  This creates a more professional and seamless look.

Vinyl is pushed into grooves, and there are no air bubbles. When there is air under a vinyl, it causes the material to warp and lose its structural integrity.

The vinyl is warm during installation. If your installer is working in temperatures under 52 degrees, the adhesive will become difficult/stubborn, it sticks to itself and freezes.

Edges are smooth and secure. When edges are not securely attached to the vehicle, it greatly increases the risk of your wrap peeling up during cleaning, or allowing dirt to get under there which, in turn, causes the wrap to have less durability.

It is laminated.  Laminating the vinyl contributes to the finishing and sleek appearance, as well as increases durability. Lamination also means that your wrap has more defense against UV and prevents colors from fading drastically over time.

How to get the most out of your car wrap

How to make the most of your car wrap

Before you get your car wrapped, get it washed and make sure you fix any dents or cosmetic damages. Dirt will show up under the vinyl, as will any dents or textured scratches

Do not go to an automatic car wash – The extreme heat will cause the vinyl to fail

Standard handwashing detergents are fine.

Replace the wrap or have it uninstalled by the date of expiration All materials have a lifespan, usually of 5-7 years. Waiting too long to have it uninstalled or replaced will cause the material to do all sorts of unpleasant things like taking off the paint of your vehicle.

New vinyl failed after a month? Take back to printer If you have been taking good care of your new wrap and notice that parts of your vinyl are failing within a month, take back to the printer. Sometimes car vinyl/adhesive just fails on its own due to a manufacturing error. Most decent printers will troubleshoot and help to make sure you have a quality product free of charge.

Get wrap done in panels This is best practice. This way, if your car gets a dent in it, you can get a re-print of just that section to apply and don’t have to pay for a second print of a full wrap.

How to get the most out of your car wrap

Bottom Line

Car wraps are a great way to turn your company car into a portable billboard. By knowing which brands to use, best installation techniques, and how to take care of the vinyl after, you can extend the life of your car wrap to get the most out of your investment.


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