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Introducing Digitap: The Future of Signage

JANUARY 22, 2020| SpeedPro Innovations


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Speedpro Innovations is proud to present Digitap, our newest sign enhancement product. Digitap makes connecting directly to your customers easier than ever before. In an industry that is saturated with digital marketing, you can now incorporate your digital marketing into your physical marketing efforts. Not only can the embedded Digitap chip be used to give information to your intended targets, but it can also track your “taps” in real time. This means no more guessing how well some of your marketing campaigns work, you get to see the results as they happen. Digitap brings a whole new side of interactive signage to you and your consumers. The uses for this technology are vast and just waiting to be explored.

There are so many uses for Digitap that we have barely begun to scratch the surface of possibilities. The Digitap technology is compatible with most phones from 2018 onward, which makes this product extremely accessible. There are so many uses for Digitap in the real world. From conventions, to trade shows, to fundraisers and so much more here are just a few uses for Digitap:

– Open a Web Page
– Check-in
– Map Locations
– Make a Phone Call
– Send a Text Message
– Share Products
– Update a Social Status
– Collect Rewards
– Follow a Brand or Store
– View a video

And so much more. These are just the beginning for this product. It feels like Digitap is truly the future of real world signage and interactive digital marketing. The next step for large format printing is just a “tap” away.

If you are showing at a convention, clients pick up tons of regular business card, toss them in their pocket, and walk away, right? With Digitap they can “tap” their phone to your sign and be instantly prompted to email you or check out your Facebook page. This is the definition of immediate results, and instant contact to your target customers. These chips can also be programmed to help people check in for an event. All they need to do is hold their phone over Digitap (and you can have multiple chips send people to the same place) and they are brought right onto the registration page. There is less crowding and more organization for getting direct info from your prospective clients. Real world and digital marketing are now made to work together.

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