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Lighted Signs: Past, Present, and Future

JANUARY 24, 2020| SpeedPro Innovations

The Past: Classic neon signs have really been the epitome of great lighted signage for the past ages. It is bright, colorful and vibrant. The technical expertise needed to design and craft these signs certainly add a special and unique touch, however the level of craftsmanship needed for tradition neon definitely adds to the cost and time needed to produce these signs. Also one of the drawbacks is the fragility if the signs. Glass tubes with neon gas is beautiful to look at but not so easy to transport. As lighted signs move into the future, durability and quick production become more important than ever.

The Present: The most common lighted signage today is probably LED based signs. LEDs are great for interior and exterior enhancements for marketing. These lights can also be brilliantly bright adding an definitive impact on the visibility of the signs. These lights are durable and weather resistant also quick to install. This helps make the LEDs more reliable. The age of LEDs has brought lighted signs to the forefront of  physical marketing, and has made it more accessible for customers and business. LED lights are more sustainable than some traditional lighted signs, both in their production and energy usage. These points are what really help drive the use and success of LEDs.

The Future: There are benefits to both neon and LED lighted signs, but the future of lighted signs combines both of these. BriteFlex is an LED based, color changing light rope that diffuses its light to mimic the look of classic neon.  Rather than glass tubing Briteflex uses a rubber to diffuse the light, this makes the material more durable as well as more sustainable material-wise. One of the qualities that really pushes Briteflex into the future is the compatibility with solar powered energy points. Concerns about sustainability have been some of the most common feedback within the sign industry, this is just one of the ways to improve a customers happiness with a product. Briteflex has a multitude of remote controlled color options, which means the look of the sign can be changed at any moment with the press of a button. Briteflex combines the best of neon and LED lights, it is colorful, vibrant, sustainable and easy to install, making it a top choice for new lighted signs.

There is no doubt that lighted signs look luxe as a marketing option. They are eye catching and add a value to any storefront or sign. The options for light based signs are many, but with Briteflex you don’t have to choose between vibrant and reliable. The option to uses a renewable resource as power has also given Briteflex the advantage that other options do not present. One thing is certainly clear when it comes to signs and physical marketing, the future is BRITE.

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