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Vehicle Wraps in Reading

Are you tired of the typical promotional methods your business has exhausted in trying to spread the word about what you do? Maybe you’re looking for a larger audience who may not have previously heard about you or been exposed to your brand before.

SpeedPro Innovations knows what skills and information are needed to be successful in your marketing and branding approach. Vehicle advertising is a fun new way to increase your brand’s visibility by customizing your car with vinyl wraps. This strategy allows you to continue promoting your business even after you leave the office for the day.

If your company or organization is located in or around the Reading area, our team can help you customize today! Reach out to our studio, and we’ll begin the consultation phase between you and our team.

Choose Your Ideal Vehicle Advertising Coverage

At SpeedPro, we know you want your business to reach a large group of people — and we plan on helping you get to that point. Custom vehicle wraps give your brand a large space to reach a large audience — in a shorter amount of time than other marketing methods allow. Driving down the road will gain your business many more impressions and acknowledgments than you could’ve ever imagined!

With bold, stunning graphics and vivid, fade-resistant inks, we can make everyone give your vehicle a second or third glance.

SpeedPro Innovations offers a few options for custom vehicle advertising, including:

  • Fleet wraps
  • Full vehicle wraps
  • Partial vehicle wraps

Fleet wraps are ideal for the large trucking companies and van delivery services that do the majority of their business on the road. Instead of sending out five blank vans, send out a large crew of decoratively branded vehicles to emphatically show off your brand. Instead of grabbing attention because of your numbers and noise, you’ll get it because of your well-branded crew!

Drivers with smaller trucks and cars can choose between full and partial vehicle wraps. Full wraps are the best for maximum coverage, as the vinyl material covers all areas of the car, including the front hood, roof, side doors, windows and rear bumper. Partial vehicle wraps will cover only specific spots set by you, such as the side doors and rear bumper.

Visit Our Studio in Reading for Custom Vehicle Wraps

No matter which custom vehicle wraps you choose, our team will work quickly and efficiently to get your new marketing method live and on the road as soon as possible. If you’re unsure about which coverage plan is ideal for you, don’t worry! Our team has the skills and knowledge to determine the best coverage level for your unique brand and goals. Call us today, and we’ll schedule a consultation to meet with you personally.

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