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Have you been wondering whether your office is overdue for a remodel or refresh? Are there areas of your workspace that look too cluttered or perhaps too empty and not visually appealing? Is work ethic and motivation strong, or do you feel like your office might soon collapse?

If you’ve thought about these issues at all recently, it might be time for you to invest in some new office graphics. SpeedPro Imaging Irvine wants to help you tackle this lengthy task by reinventing the look and feel of your interior workspace. No matter if your goal is to create customer connections, increase your business’s sales or inspire your coworkers, our team is ready for you.

Our studio extends its services to businesses and organizations located around the areas of Irvine, San Diego and Los Angeles. Get a hold of us today so that we can help you create a more cohesive series of office branding materials!

Indoor and Outdoor Office Graphic Printing

As customers walk into your building, they’ll immediately begin building impressions. Why force them to instantly build up a bad impression because of your incomplete or lacking atmosphere? Give them a good area to walk into — one that feels welcoming and clearly branded to your business.

Effective, attractive corporate graphics will allow customers to feel engaged and comfortable with your business and want to learn more!

Office branding is all about having the right corporate graphics in the right places. Our studio offers the following options:

  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall murals
  • Window graphics

Banners offer a wonderful way to welcome guests into your building. Placing a retractable banner stand outside the front entrance will give them a “first taste” of what to look forward to. Then, once they’re inside, continue giving them pieces of your business by highlighting your successes and informational bits on bright, bold banners. These tools can be positioned by reception, hanging on the lobby walls or accompanying people through a hallway.

Directional signage will also play a big role in office branding. You want to keep your guests feeling comfortable, which means providing them with guidance in a direct but non-abrasive manner. Having signage throughout your front office and entryway allows customers to walk around and get to know your office at their own pace while also making sure they don’t feel embarrassed, confused or unwelcome.

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Think it’s about time to redo the office graphics you haven’t touched for years? Call us, or visit our studio today to begin the process of making your office feel alive and welcoming for new and old customers alike. We’ll start with a one-on-one consultation to fully understand your business and branding needs. Let’s begin!

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