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Trade Show Displays in Irvine

Trade shows are truly fun and exciting events. You get to show off your business while taking a look at what others are doing. Sometimes, there are free gifts given, and some booths have interactive games and presentations. These shows are alive with business and passion for what people do!

But sometimes, you’re asked to organize and present for your business, and you feel a little lost. Putting together a trade show display can be a daunting task because it’s hard to know in advance what other businesses will be emphasizing. And one of the overarching goals of a trade show is to sell yourself better than the competition.

Don’t worry — you’re not alone! SpeedPro Imaging Irvine has some experience with setting up trade show display booths as well as analyzing businesses to find the key elements to present at a showing. We want to make sure we showcase all the great aspects of your business by designing eye-catching and bold graphics that catch everyone’s attention.

If your business or organization is based out of Irvine, San Diego or Los Angeles, contact us today! We’ll immediately begin discussing what makes your brand stick out from the rest.

Stunning Trade Show Backdrop Features

Not only are trade shows about showing off what’s great about you and what makes you better than others, but they’re also about connecting with customers. You want to invite new clients in to learn more about your business and give you their trust. In order to do that, though, you need to create a display that allows them to be curious.

An eye-catching trade show display booth will allow people to approach your business and start a conversation for more information.

At SpeedPro Imaging Irvine, we offer multiple pop up trade show display features, including:

  • Flags
  • Portable banners
  • Retractable banners
  • Step and repeat banners
  • Backlit displays
  • Table toppers
  • Pop up displays
  • Tents

As you can tell, banners play a huge part in setting up a trade show display booth. With all the different types of banners, there are also various features and specialties. You can also choose backlit graphics for an LED-lit display that draws eyes from every direction. Just plug in and watch your graphics come to life, gaining an attractive, professional spotlight that shows people the most important fabrics and images you have to present.

Retractable banners can book-end your booth, doing a large part of the work of visually appealing to people as they walk by. Portable banners can be hung from your tent or situated on top of your table — they can even be used as a fabric backdrop for the showing. Step and repeat banners are also a great way to connect with your audience and invite them to take part in your company, offering a little “red carpet” photo opportunity for them to remember the day and the business they were presented with.

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If you have a trade show coming up and need some assistance in identifying which graphics can enhance your brand, call us today. Our team will sit down with you to analyze your business and determine the best ways to invite and converse with a group of people. Let’s begin with a consultation appointment!

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