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Does your office have some sore spots? Are there rooms that feel empty because there’s nothing to effectively hold anyone’s attention? Do you want to increase your customer connections by making them feel welcome in your lobby or waiting area?

If you feel like any of these may apply to you, SpeedPro Imaging Irvine is here to help! You might be in need of a full office refresh — or maybe you just need the addition of one big item. We offer wall murals for businesses to help emphasize your brand and complete the look and feel of a room.

Our studio extends its services to businesses and organizations located around the areas of Irvine, Los Angeles and San Diego. Contact us today, and we’ll get started on redesigning your office’s look!

Striking Printed Wall Murals

Large format wall murals can dramatically present your brand to a large viewing public. Whether you want a few pieces organized in a collage-type way or one entire piece to span the width of your wall, we’ve got you covered. With our vivid and crisp colors, your wall mural will immediately transform your room!

Our printed wall murals will effectively capture the attention of anyone nearby as they display your brand and start conversations.

As our team begins our consultation with you, we’ll ask two questions to start. One, who will your wall mural be directed toward? And two, where will it be located in your office? Knowing this information will allow us to create the perfect custom wall mural for you to connect with your customers or employees!

Need a Wall Mural Printed?

If your lobby area seems to be empty or lackluster in appearance, you might want to consider adding a printed wall mural here. This space is one of the first places customers will look at or be in. You want to make sure they feel welcome and greeted, and you also want to provide them with something to look at — and what’s better than a visual representation of your brand? Getting them excited about your business can lead to a conversation and increase their excitement or curiosity about your business.

On the other hand, maybe your entrance and lobby areas are looking great, but behind the scenes, employee morale has gotten low. Whether it’s working without recognition, not seeing an end result or just lack of decoration, sometimes coworkers lack motivation and begin to produce lower-quality work. You have the power to change that!

Including a vinyl wall mural inside your conference room or shared break room might be the placement you need. Boldly emphasize your mission statement and company values on a large format wall mural positioned inside your conference room. Meetings will become more focused and goal-oriented, even producing higher-quality work. If customers are enjoying their break and see a printed wall mural off to the side, it can help elevate the mood that’s set and add a burst of energy into a dull or tired room.

Visit Our Printing Studio in Irvine

Vinyl wall murals can convey messages and shape atmospheres. If your office is in need of an update or minor “pep talk,” give us a call! We’ll set up our initial consultation right away.

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