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What is a trade show banner?

SEPTEMBER 14, 2021| SpeedPro Irving



A trade show banner is a graphic image that helps to announce what your brand is offering. The banner is supposed to attract attention at the trade show. You should know the trade show banners can be used for both outdoor and indoor events.

The trade show banners are portable, and their endurance levels are high. They’re easy to carry, and the set-up process is easy. The banners need less effort and time to come out with professionalism and grace. They have a wider view, and they’re also attractive. They can easily attract the attention of the customers and viewers from a distance.

At SpeedPro Irving, we’re always ready to deliver trade show displays and retractors. You can display the trade show banners through grommets or holes. You can also hang the banners on a pole, and the height should depend on the space you have available.

Unlike other brands, SpeedPro Irving has no restrictions when it comes to designs and options for promotional and marketing materials. We have different customization tools that come in handy when designing trade show graphics.

For those interested in trade show graphics Irving TX, you should specify the length, height, size, color blend, width, quantity, lamination choices, and typeface to ensure you get the right banner type meant for an indoor or outdoor tradeshow. SpeedPro Irving believes in serving its clients with quality products and performance, which is why the firm is focused on using the latest themes and trends. You can also find appealing templates on our website. You’ll notice there is something for all audiences, both young and old.

You can power up the appearance of the trade show banners by adding your brand logo, tagline, brand name, and some images that relate to your brand. There are other important elements that can be added to ensure everything will be worth it for the day’s event.

Trade show banners are a form of directional signage. They help to relay information. Also, they can affect your interior design concept in different ways.

The importance of directional signage includes:

1. Raising Brand Awareness

The first impression matters. During a trade show, there are different brands. The banner will showcase what you have to offer, and it will direct a client towards your booth at the trade show. In this instance, we can see the trade show banner has created awareness about your brand. As a result, you should ensure that the directional signage is appealing such that it can be easily distinguished from the rest.

2. Giving Directions

With directional signage, it is easy to find your way around. The signage will also ensure that your clients are satisfied since they can find what they need at ease. With directional signage, the visitor’s frustration will go down.

Final Thoughts

Besides dealing in trade show displays, SpeedPro Irving also deals with indoor and outdoor signs, wall murals and banners, indoor and outdoor signs, event and window graphics. Call SpeedPro Irving today!

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