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Environmental Graphics

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What are environmental graphics?

Environmental Graphics, also known as Interior Commercial Graphics or Experiential Graphic Design, serve to visually communicate the uniqueness of a brand into a built environment. Environmental Graphics fuses architecture, interior design & graphic design to create an impression.

Who needs environmental graphics?

Although we have a number of different customers, 40% of our revenue in 2014 came from Commercial Interior Design agencies and architects. They understand the importance of communicating a clear message while making it visually appealing.

What we do:

We help organizations create a unique and interesting environment for external clients and internal employees!

We offer different types of environmental graphics which include:

1) Wall paper/Wall Graphics: Wallpaper is an inexpensive and effective way to transform your walls while helping to build brand awareness. We print on commercial grade (type 2) wallpaper.

2) Window vinyl: From large impact graphics that cover the entire window, to professional vinyl lettering, window vinyls can help deliver a message.

3) Acrylic: Because of how durable and sleek acrylic signs are, they add a touch of elegance to any office space. Acrylic can come in any size, thickness, and with or without beveled edges to make it fit your style.

4) Architectural/Plywood panels: MDF or printing on any type of wood is one of our most popular options because of its classic, rustic charm. We print directly on the wood, which gives it a more natural look and makes it a one of a kind “WORK OF ART!”

5) Acoustic felt panels: Sound absorption wall covering or hanging panels are mostly used in open office environments. It creates privacy by minimizing noise, yet you can maintain openness for collaboration within your employees with these custom printed acoustic felt panels.

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