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Wall Murals And Graphics in San Francisco Bay Area


SpeedPro Imaging has extensive experience in wall murals and environmental graphics, working with many companies and design firms in the San Francisco Bay Area.  Whether you are reinforcing your corporate culture through graphic imagery at the office or looking to create an ambient vibe for your restaurant, we can assist you in selecting the right graphic application for your environmental space.

Corporate offices, hospitals, retail and schools are maximizing their branding opportunities through the use of wall murals and environmental graphics due to a host of new material options and advancements in print technology.

Speedpro Imaging – Marin’s design team works closely with our clients through all phases of the project – from design, material selection, color matching and installation.  

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Wall Mural Process and Options

Give us a call to discuss your next wall mural or environment design project.  Not quite ready to talk?  Email us and request our environmental design graphics packet.

Speedpro Imaging - Marin prints all wall murals using Latex ink technology. Benefits of Latex inks include:
  • Water based ink
  • Indoor/outdoor durability
  • Non-flammable or combustible
  • PVC-Free material options
Wall Coverings / Mural Options:
  • Pre-pasted – the wallcovering material includes an adhesive that is activated by water.
  • Un-pasted – the wallcovering media does not come pre-treated with adhesive.  Wall glue must be applied to the wallcoverings during installation. 
  • Self-adhesive – the wall covering media includes a self-adhesive backer. No water or glue is needed to activate adhesion.

All wall mural can be removed, leaving minimum paste or adhesive residue and without damage to the wall's surface.

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