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Outdoor Signage in Lock Haven

If you want to enhance your business and environment, you can’t forget about the outdoors. This area is where customers and guests will feel greeted, welcomed and guided around.

Matching your outdoor environment with whatever is inside will help increase a sense of ease and excitement while decreasing frustration.

SpeedPro Lock Haven wants to help you refresh your marketing and create custom outdoor signage for your business. If your business or organization is located in the areas within Lycoming, Clinton and Centre counties, call our studio today!

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The Outdoor Signage You Need

Small and large outdoor signage consists of anything that reaches out to people before they enter your office or place of business. Whether its role in providing information is primary or secondary, it should also operate as a piece of decoration that attracts the eye. Filling in your empty areas outside will stop people from turning away while mistakenly thinking there is nothing inside your building or office space.

Our studio in Lock Haven will work directly with you to understand what you’d like to promote and highlight outside while perfectly reflecting your business. We also offer color-matching technology, which makes it easy to seamlessly blend your outdoor and indoor signage. Some exterior business signage options we offer include:

  • A-frames
  • Banners
  • Directional signage
  • Fabric sidewalk signs
  • Retractable banners
  • Vinyl banners

A-frames and sidewalk signs are great three-dimensional pieces of art that can help attract customers. A-frames are designed to stand out like a tent, allowing two signs, typically chalkboards, to be exposed on opposite sides. This option is ideal because no matter which side of the sidewalk a person is walking from, they’ll read your information with total clarity.

Fabric sidewalk signs are great to use during outdoor events. If you want a disposable piece of signage, these signs and easel boards will work perfectly for your benefit without needing to be reused over and over again. Banners are also great for outdoor events and to act as stationary advertising signs. With a range of colors and fixtures, our banners can greet people from afar and invite customers to walk closer and come inside.

Another important aspect of outdoor signage is guiding people where they need to go. Directional signage ranges from parking lot indicators to entrance signs to prohibited area markers. Eliminating confusion and increasing direct guides will allow first-time customers to feel welcome and encourage them to return again.

Your Printing Partner in Lock Haven

No matter whether your custom business signage needs are for temporary or permanent fixtures, SpeedPro has you covered. Call us today to schedule a consultation, during which we’ll determine the perfect signage options for your building!


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