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Vehicle Graphics in Lock Haven

As a teenager, customizing your first car was always fun. You’d add bumper stickers and rearview window clings and wait for your friends and schoolmates to laugh along and ask what something meant.

It was a way to make friends, allow people to know you and also give your favorite musicians or brands some new visibility and exposure.

Now you’re grown, maybe running your own business and looking for a way to get your brand out there and invite people in.

With SpeedPro’s help, you can continue to customize your car with our custom vehicle graphics and lettering, which allow you to advertise your business outside the office.

It’s a fairly convenient way to step up your marketing methods, and it’s super easy. Contact SpeedPro Lock Haven today to get started!

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Cover Your Car in Vinyl Graphics

Whether you want to continue your rear bumper sticker way of life or expand to other parts of your vehicle, SpeedPro can help. Customizable options for your branding and business needs include:

  • Perforated film
  • Vehicle lettering
  • Vinyl decals
  • Window clings

Perforated film can be used to cover your windows, but a word of warning — the film limits visibility, so we’ll want to avoid covering your front windshield and driver side window. The perforated film looks amazing on your backseat side windows as well as parts of your rearview window.

A bonus effect of this film is that it blocks harsh lighting, and while you can see through it, people walking by will not be able to look in. They’ll instead have a full view of the graphic.
If you’re looking for a super temporary option, window clings are the graphics for you. Printed on white and clear backgrounds, they’re perfect for adhering to your windows and emphasizing the colors you use to create your image.

The size and cut of these clings are customizable to your needs. You can request something small enough to fit into the corner of your window — such as a social media icon — or large enough to cover your entire rear windshield. Window clings are easy to adhere on your own and can be easily removed without any remaining residue or damage.

Vinyl decals are eye-catching graphics that can be singular or paired with multiple decals. Both options allow you to make a statement while driving around. For example, you could have one image clearly displayed in the middle of your driver’s side door or cover the entire side and hood of your car with coordinated, large graphics.

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If you’ve always loved the idea of promoting companies and people on your car, why not continue it today with your professional business? Our studio in Lock Haven is more than ready to team up with you and make it all happen! We serve all companies — large and small — located in the surrounding areas of Lycoming, Clinton and Centre County. Call us today, and we’ll set up your one-on-one consultation!


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