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Wall Murals in Lock Haven

Whether you’re a small studio business or a large corporation, you’ll want to make sure your workspace is functional and customized to your business needs. That includes making sure your employees feel supported and secure in their workspace and that customers feel welcome. But sometimes your office space or meeting room will feel a little stale or empty, and that’s when we step in to help.

SpeedPro Lock Haven knows how to liven up and energize a workspace, no matter your business. We can transform the look of your space by adding one of our custom printed wall murals. They can be small, panel-sized shapes or wall-encompassing murals. We’ll work directly with you to create the look and design that best reflects your brand to any intended audience. Reach out to our studio today, and we’ll quickly get your office looking good and feeling complete!

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Printed Wall Murals

Our first to-do is determining where you want your large format wall mural to be placed. It should be in a central area for your main flow of daily traffic to see and experience. We also need to decide who, precisely, the mural is for. Are you trying to grab your customers’ attention? Energize and inspire your team of workers?

Let’s say the mural is meant for routine clients in your office. They walk through the front entrance and often hang around the lobby until they get pulled back to another section. Plastering a vinyl wall mural in the lobby will not only grab their attention but also center their focus on your branded piece. It can tell a story or evoke a feeling in them — one that makes them know they’re in the right place doing the right kind of business.

Or maybe you’re trying to refocus and excite your employees. Whether there’s been a change in the office or just a declining morale, you want to elevate the atmosphere so that they’re excited to come into work and perform to their best abilities. You could liven up their workspace by covering a wall by their office cubbies with a bright and vivid mural to rejuvenate their minds and attention.

You could also focus the attention and appeal of a mural in a central conference room. Highlighting your business’s mission statement on a large vinyl wall mural will remind your employees why they’re doing what they do every day. It can also inspire them to perform better, whether it’s to receive more recognition or feel more invested in their work.

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At SpeedPro, we use top-of-the-line vinyl materials to display your wall murals and bring out the vivid inks and colors our technology allows. While you can choose the strength of adhesive used for your mural, many clients love that our wall murals can last for up to seven years without any damage or visible wear and tear.

If you’d like to start decorating your office and making it a more branded and pleasant environment for customers and employees alike, trust SpeedPro Lock Haven.

We’ll schedule you a consultation appointment right away so that you can get your new printed wall mural in a short amount of time. Contact us now!


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