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At SpeedPro, we believe the most important aspect of customer service is putting customers first. We follow this in our own daily work through our one-on-one consultations and making sure every design move we make is approved and supported by our clients.

We want own clients and partners to feel this very same way about their own customers. Whether you work in retail or the healthcare profession, we hope you value your customers and treat them with openness and respect through each step of your journey together.

One of the ways to put customers first is to greet them as early as possible and make them feel invited. SpeedPro Lock Haven can help you with this gesture by installing business window graphics on your building’s storefront. Allow us to extend our knowledge and service to your customers!

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Custom Window Graphics

In any work environment, customers come in with a preconceived notion or first impression. Sometimes, these are negative and can hinder your business or that interaction. To prevent this situation, extending a welcoming environment will make the customer look forward to getting to know you and your business. Instead of walking in wary or upset, your customers can walk in excited and intrigued when you take advantage of the tools we provide.

Your approach will be based on your business and brand. If you’re looking to expand your audience, you’ll want window graphics that grab attention from anyone. Maybe you’re trying to highlight a new product you just received and want to market.

You can include a graphic of the product on your outside window or give information about an upcoming sale your current and potential customers can take advantage of.

Whatever your dream is, we’ll create the visual solution you need to brand your business window displays.

A Range of Window Graphics

The first question we ask all our clients is what side of the window pane a graphic is getting adhered to. This choice is differentiated with two terms — first surface and second surface. First surface would be on the outer surface. Second surface is when your graphic is applied from the inside facing out. In this case, the graphic will be printed backward so that it looks right when viewed from the outside.

After we choose a printing surface, we’ll offer you some custom window graphics options, including:

  • Frosted graphics
  • Perforated film
  • Vinyl lettering
  • Window clings

These graphics can be mixed and matched or used separately to make their own statement. The most important factor in all of the options is how to make that perfect first impression with a customer. Window clings are ideal for sharing small bits of information as well as displaying promotional items or features. Perforated film, on the other hand, can highlight bold inks and make your graphic noticeable from blocks away.

We’re Here to Help in Lock Haven

Think you might want to redo the outer windows of your building? If so, reach out to our studio today! SpeedPro Lock Haven will work to create the most compelling graphics for you and your brand, ensuring anyone who walks by will feel intrigued and inspired to interact with you. Let’s get started and set up a consultation now.


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