Contour Cut Signage

Contour <span>Cut Signage</span>

What is Contour-Cut Signage?

Contour-cut signage is cut along the edges of the shape, or contour, to create a unique figure. All this means is the cutter cuts along the outer edges of your design and this produces only your design and not any unnecessary white space. Most big name companies use contour-cut signage because of its clean lines and professional look.

While contour-cut signage can be achieved by hand, multiple copies of the same sign may not look identical due to hand cutting the signs. We use a Multicam CNC Router to ensure that every sign is cut cleanly and accurately. CNC Routers are machines that are computer-controlled and have a variety of “bits” that are used to cut different materials such as PVC, acrylic, wood, foamboard, metal and more. Your design is created on a CAD (Computer-Aided Design) program and then translated to G-Code on a CAM program (Computer-Aided Manufacturing). The CAM program creates a code that will give the machine horizontal, vertical and perpendicular coordinates. Once that information has been created, the material will be placed on the CNC Router’s flatbed and cut exactly as was programmed.

Depending on the type of material being used on the CNC Router, it may either be “cut” or “routed”. CNC Router bits used for “cutting” resemble the tip of an X-Acto knife and cuts in the same manner. The bits used for “routing” resemble drill bits and arrow tips. These bits can cut the harder materials such as acrylic and wood, but can also create designs in the materials as well.

Pitkin projects contour cut outdoor business signage
Magna acrylic sign

How Can I use Contour-Cut Signage?

Outdoor Signage: Your customers being able to find your business should be a no brainer, but many businesses do not have a clear sign of their company name. When customers can’t find you, they’ll find someone else, and you don’t want to lose that sale! Use Contour-cut signage to create a clear and professional sign which can even be backlit! These signs are durable and made to withstand the outside elements.

Decor: Who says we just cut out words? Contour-cut signage can be purely decorative as well! With the technology that CNC Routers have, we can cut just about any shape out of any material. Give your business a better branded space by using these decorative elements in tandem with your company’s name or slogan. Your employees will enjoy the change of scenery and be reminded of the values the company holds.

Event Signage: We can create many different types of fun signs with our Contour-Cut Signage, which makes them perfect for events! Grab your guests’ attention with giant fillable acrylic letters or brightly colored signs with your organizations name on it!

Wayfinding: Contour-cut signs are great for hospitals, apartments, and other hospitality-based industries for their sturdiness as wayfinding signs! Making sure that your customers can find their way around your business is important. You don’t want your customer to feel the anxiety of being lost. Make it easy for them by using unit numbers on the sides of walls, directories, and large, clear building name signage.

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