Where can decals be placed?

Decals are incredibly versatile and can be placed just about anywhere! Here are some of our favorite uses for decals:

  • Window Graphics: One of the most popular uses for vinyl decals are window clings due to how easy they are to install and how great they look on glass storefronts! Your window graphics can be anything from simple lettering to a full window wrap. You can choose if you want the decals to be completely opaque or perforated so that your customers can still see outside from inside your business.
  • Wall Graphics: Our high-quality decals aren’t just for glass use; you can place them on walls as well! Wall graphics are great for company branding, wayfinding, or even fun decoration. The options are limitless! Wall decals can transform bland white walls into experiences and make a lasting impression with your customers.
  • Floor Graphics: It seems that more and more people stare down at their phones every day, so why not take advantage of that? Floor graphics are a unique way to get your message across to your customers! They can be your company logo, a new promotion, wayfinding graphics, or even safety messaging. These types of decals are used on sports floors and withstand heavy traffic, so you can be sure they’ll last a long time.
  • Glass Etching: Transform your space’s clear glass into an etched masterpiece! We can create various glass effects using decals that give your glass a new look! You can customize the etching to look like your logo or add embellishments as well. Whether you’re looking for something fancy and decorative or simply looking to add a little privacy, our etched glass decals are a great option. You can also choose from a variety of colors so your business will truly stand out from the rest.
  • Vehicle Decals: If you’d love to add branding and personality to your business vehicles, but wraps are not currently in your budget, opt for decals! Our vehicle decals don’t go over your entire vehicle like wraps, so the cost is much lower and you can still give your business vehicles a professional look! You can have your company’s logo on the vehicle doors, or add graphics in multiple areas, it’s all up to you!
Cancer event wall decals on brick wall

Branding that packs a punch

SpeedPro LA North’s primary goal is to make your business pop. We want you to stand out from the competition, rise above the pack and achieve your business growth goals. 

We know how important branding is in this business growth equation. Your branding is the first impression you’ll make on prospective customers and it’s the best way to leave a lasting impression. At SpeedPro LA North, we specialize in crafting messages that are eye-catching, relevant and compelling. We’ll remind your audience exactly what you have to offer and why they chose your business instead of your competitors.


Partner with SpeedPro Los Angeles North for all of your large-format printing needs.

SpeedPro Los Angeles North has been satisfying customers in Pasadena, Burbank and the Greater Los Angeles Area for over four years. We’re the marketing team in your back pocket–always here to offer top-of-the-line marketing and branding solutions. Our large format printing services allow our clients to rise above the pack. SpeedPro Los Angeles North can help you develop your unique brand voice and show it off to the world. 

Whether you’re in the market for a simple banner or an extravagant wall mural, we treat every customer like our most important one. We know that your business is unlike any other, so that’s exactly how we’ll treat it. Our unrivaled customer service sets us apart as a leader in the large format printing industry. We’ve put in the work and we’ve seen the remarkable results.

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