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How many times have you attended an event and left feeling like it was a true experience? Maybe you went to a concert and thoroughly enjoyed the music, and you also remember the wait outside the doors, the taste of the drink you had during the opener’s set and the feeling of pure bliss walking to your car afterward. You might think it’s hard to recreate that in a corporate event setting. When you recruit the help of SpeedPro, though, we can make your customers feel that same experience on a professional level.

Event graphic designs are meant to energize a space — to change an atmosphere and create an experience for all of your attendees through their bold colors and interactive features, and the ones you get from us will do just that.

If you’re looking to set up an electrifying event for your next business outing, contact SpeedPro LA North. We’ll work to make sure all of your customers have fun and enjoy their event.

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Set Your Event With Style

The first step in setting up for your event is to have a consultation and understand what your business is. What aspects do you excel in, and how can we recreate that in a visual form? A corporate event is built around your brand, so identifying that brand will give us the freedom to design.

There are so many possible options for setting up a corporate display. Just a few of our graphic designs for events include:


One of the first things your attendees will see are the banners rising high above. They can be used to mark your event space while also effectively branding your business. You can set up a particular color scheme or create a graphic that will emblazon the vinyl material. Banners may also be used effectively inside your venue. Hang them from the ceiling or use them in banner stands close to the entrance. They can act as guides inside or to present specific statistics about your company.

Directional Signage

Directional signage will play a significant role in the success of your event too. Attendees will want to be directed as early as possible, starting with parking and walkways. Clearly identifying the entrances will eliminate frustration and confusion at the start of your event. Providing signage that not only identifies which presentations are happening where but also boldly represents your brand will do far more than a plain whiteboard with handwritten directions.

Looking for a custom trade show display or vendor signage? We can do that too!

Your Printing Partner for Custom Event Graphics in the Los Angeles Area

If you’d like to fully transform your company’s next corporate event into a memorable and dynamic experience, reach out to our studio! We’ll set up a consultation to make sure we produce the results you want and need!

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