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You probably never consider how helpful and dominating signs are in everyday life. They seem like such a secondary item, but you’d quickly realize how important they are if you carefully considered it. They guide you through streets, give you information about upcoming events and let you know the difference between two identical-looking rooms.

With that being said, even if your office building already has signage in place, it may be time for an update. Business signage should be updated occasionally to accommodate changes in branding, leadership and inventory. It should always remain professional but friendly — inviting and welcoming to customers, no matter if they’re regulars or brand new clients.

Reinventing your commercial signage does not have to be a daunting task. SpeedPro LA North has a skilled team ready to help you transform your current office signage into something more appealing and brand-centric.

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Commercial Signage for Outdoor Purposes

SpeedPro has a long list of outdoor signage options, including the following and more:

  • Banners
  • Custom signs
  • Flags
  • Sidewalk signs

Once we know your business and what your outdoor environment looks like, we’ll be better able to match the proper pieces of outdoor signage to your building and location. We also take into consideration the weather and climate factors that might inhibit some signage options.

Noticeable Outdoor Signage

Flags and banners might be some of our most noticeable and recognizable promotional signage for businesses. Flags are often posted along streets and sidewalks, poked into the ground using raised stakes. Banners can be used in a variety of ways to both emphasize information and boast bold colors. String one across a wide street to promote an upcoming event your business is offering, or hang a few on some nearby lamp posts with grommets.

If you’re worried about high winds affecting your signage, you can opt out of our durable vinyl and choose a mesh banner — a fabric that allows for up to 70 percent airflow for a reduced risk of tearing or fraying.

Durable Outdoor Signage

Sidewalk signs can be single-sided posts or even fold out with our A-frame structure. These products can be adapted to your location as well. If the walking area in front of your business sees a lot of foot traffic, you’ll want signage that can withstand traffic crowds — such as A-frames — over portable banners that could easily be toppled over or damaged.

Indoor and Outdoor Business Signage Designs

The inside of your building or office should also be filled with hard-to-miss signage. We offer a large variety of options that include:

Most Popular Signage Options

Directional signage and wall murals are two of our highly requested visual solutions. You’ll need to direct people around your office space, whether it’s to point out different rooms or guide visitors onto the right floor. Wall murals also play a huge part in creating a cohesive and welcoming environment. Our large format wall murals will grab the eye of anyone walking by and can instantly tell a story or evoke a feeling.

Your Printing Partner in Los Angeles North for Business Signage

Whether you want all new signage or just need to update a few pieces, our studio in the Greater Los Angeles area is ready to work with you. Stop by our location or call us to schedule a consultation appointment, and we’ll jump on your new commercial signage project right away!

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