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NFC stands for Near-Field Communication and is a short-range connectivity technology. NFC works in 1 of two modes. The first mode is “active” and involves the use of two NFC enabled devices sharing information with each other. The second mode is “passive” in which an NFC tag sends information to the receiving device. Smart Signage uses passive NFC. The tags are embedded directly onto our signage. From there, a customer can place their phone near the tag and the action that was programmed on the tag will take place on the user’s phone.

The NFC tags do not have a power source, but rather draw power from the device that is reading the tag (user’s phone). The device sends out radio frequency signals to the tag and this creates a path for the tag to communicate the action to the device. NFC tags can be written to perform a variety of actions aside from opening to a URL such as downloading files, installing apps, sharing contact information and more!

Real estate smart signage NFC
Healthcare smart signage NFC


Restaurants: Make your customers’ ordering experience easier and safer by offering touchless menus! The NFC tag can be programmed to download a .pdf menu straight to the user’s phone or even direct them to the online ordering page! This eliminates the use of paper menus that are not durable and your customer won’t have to handle plastic menus that have been touched by other clients.

Real Estate: When it comes to selling a home, we’ve all seen the same real estate signs. “For Sale” signs usually stand alone, although sometimes, accompanied by printed flyers. With NFC, the selling and buying experience can go further! Potential buyers can use their phone on the sale sign’s NFC tag and receive more information and possibly do a virtual tour of the home! Potential buyers might be more inclined to inquire about the home if they are able to see the inside of the home immediately before reaching out to the agent.

Healthcare: Hospitals and clinics can take advantage of Smart Signage by having the tag direct the patients to an online check-in. The tag can be programmed to download files or direct to an online document in order to take care of the screening forms digitally. If there is an on-site pharmacy, this tech can be used to direct patients to a virtual queue to fill and pick up their prescriptions!

Retail: Retailers such as clothing or even grocery stores can use NFC to give their customers digital coupons instead of spending money to print paper ones. Retailers can also use the NFC technology to have their customers sign up for loyalty programs through their phone as well. If you are a high-end retailer with only a few display pieces out, it’s also beneficial to have NFC tags placed next to them so customers can get more product information and maybe even see the product in action.

Museums/Art: Create interactive experiences for your guests by using NFC tags near art or exhibits to give them more information on the pieces. While we associate portable audio sets with self-guided tours, the use of NFC could change that. Using NFC tags for self-guided tours eliminates the need for separate audio sets. Guests could use their own phone and earphones to tour the museum or gallery.

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