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Floor Graphics in Louisville

Whether you’re setting up an event space or designing the interior of your gym, you’re probably thinking of ways to promote your business in subtle yet appealing ways. Instead of using only the walls and standalone fixtures to share your story, why not include the floor or ground — the area everyone will be walking on and therefore unable to miss?

No matter if you’re displaying your brand logo or directing people to go a certain way, floor graphics printing can alter and enhance the experience of your customers and visitors. SpeedPro Imaging Louisville East uses new technology to create start-of-the-art visual solutions for all customers, providing you with the optimal display for your business needs. If your company is based in the towns of Louisville and Shelbyville or the surrounding portion of southern Indiana, stop by today for more information.

How Are Custom Floor Graphics Created?

Your custom floor graphic will print onto our durable yet flexible vinyl material. Not only will the vinyl prove its integrity by supporting the colored inks we use, but it will also stick around and present your image for as long as you need it to.

We offer a number of lamination options for you to conceal and protect your design. These laminates include:

  • Clear coat
  • Gloss
  • Luster
  • Matte
  • Textured

Adding a thin layer of clear coat to your vinyl floor graphics will extend their lifespan twice as long. You may also want to add specialty laminates to protect your custom floor cling as well as the customers walking over it. Anti-skid laminates ensure that your decorated floor is slip-resistant so that your visitors don’t accidentally trip or stumble. An anti-graffiti laminate will keep stray marks from damaging your graphic or altering the design. You can use cleaning products or just a damp cloth to remove any unwanted blemishes or stains.

No matter what you select, your custom floor clings will add both aesthetic appeal and functionality to your space.

How Do You Apply and Remove Vinyl Floor Graphics?

Your first step in applying a custom floor graphic is to choose your surface. Are you going outdoors with concrete or asphalt? Staying inside with carpet, tile or linoleum? No matter which you prefer, the application process is the same.

Peel a corner of the decal to initially make contact. Then, you’ll use a squeegee or similar tool to press the decal down and out onto your surface while removing the rest of the paper backing. Make sure the center is smoothed out first before working the squeegee toward the outer edges to ensure all air bubbles are removed and not trapped. You’ll also want to dust the area and make sure the surface temperature is moderate — a cold floor will not allow the graphic to adhere.

Removing the graphic or cling is easy — peel it off starting at one corner and working diagonally. Keep the cling at an angle — as opposed to directly vertical — to ensure that there’s no residue left behind.

Find Custom Floor Clings and More in Louisville

At SpeedPro Imaging Louisville East, our customers receive their customized and detailed projects in a quick turnaround time. Our design team is trustworthy and reliable, keeping your brand beautifully displayed and accurately portrayed. Call our studio today to set up your initial consultation appointment and introduce floor graphics printing to your business.

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