Meet the Team

Kathy & Brian De Noble


Kathy and Brian had spent 39 years working and running businesses with their families, and decided that it was time to start their own company. They liked the concept of franchising, and after much research, decided that SpeedPro had a great business model and culture. They are very happy to have decided to join the SpeedPro family.

Bradley De Noble

General Manager

Bradley graduated from The Magnolia High School in 2014 and had attended Sam Houston University until his marriage in 2017, he is now finishing his Bachelor’s Degree at University of Phoenix. Bradley loves the challenge of listening to customers ideas and concerns regarding their brand, and coming up with a solution that brings it to life.

Jaime Alvarez

Production Manager

Jaime joined the De Nobles from another printing company and has 7 years of graphic design experience and nearly as much in the printing industry. He has great customer service abilities and loves to create and design images that grabs the attention of others.

SpeedPro Magnolia

Studio Owner

Kathy De Noble