Create your own Step-and-Repeat back drop FREE

JUNE 13, 2018| SpeedPro Marietta

When you see all the fancy events on the television where celebrities take picks and pose with their expensive cloths have you noticed the back drop behind them? Usually there is a back drop wall with logos neatly placed all around it and in a pattern. Those logos are spaced so that they should appear in every photo taken at the event and those logos get seen. We here at SpeedPro Marietta have the ability to get you those beautiful backdrops for your own events. To create one these designs properly you must have an art software that allows you to create high resolution files, to scale, that are ready to print. We thought that we would share with you this video tutorial on how to create your own Step-and-Repeat design using a software that is FREE to everyone. After watching this tutorial take some time to practice and in no time at all you will asking us to get you your own Step-and-Repeat backdrop.

Click the link to watch the video.

We you this helped you and please remember SpeedPro Marietta for all your large format printing needs.


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