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Whether inside or outside, eye-level or high above, banners are the perfect way to get people to know about your business. A winning combination of bold graphics and vivid inks will catch the eyes of anyone nearby, fully displaying your message and information. Best of all, at SpeedPro Memphis East, your banners get customized to fully support and represent your brand.

Our studio offers services and products to all business and organizations located in the areas of Memphis, Collierville and Olive Branch. If you want to increase your visibility and start using some new visual graphics, reach out to us today!

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Durable and Versatile Vinyl Banners

At SpeedPro, we use vinyl for our banners in all settings. Typically, vinyl is a thicker material, ensuring a durable and long-lasting build. The durability of our banners allows a strong defense against wear and tear that normally occurs throughout multiple weather and environmental conditions. When you add in our fade-resistant inks, you’ll understand the long lifespan of our banners and why they’re so commonly requested.

We also make sure to feature and provide a versatile nature in our vinyl banners. Not only can they be set up in a number of ways but they’re also easily transportable. A retractable banner stand can be carted around wherever, whether that’s inside your lobby or outside at an outdoor event. Hanging banners are easy to move from one room to the next, perfectly situated to display the proper information in the right setting.

Our bold banners create an impact that demands attention because of color, durability and versatility inside and outside an office.

Displaying Custom Banners in the Best Possible Way

We can create multiple types of banners in our studio, including blackout, smooth, scrim and mesh. Scrim banners are super lightweight and the perfect go-to for any short-term, one-time-only displays. You might use one of these for a presentation you have to give or to help set up a trade show display booth — it’s up to you whether you throw it away after or fold it up and save it for the next round of events!

Mesh banners are wonderfully crafted for outdoor, windy conditions. Instead of using solid vinyl, you can use a mesh material, which supports up to 70 percent wind air flow. This quality will help ease your mind about possible tearing or damage to your outdoor signage!

Blackout banners are great for outdoor events as well for any banners that may be exposed to harsh lighting. With a blackout banner, you’ll receive a product that includes an inner “barrier” to protect both sides from light shining through. This way, if you have a double-sided banner with a message for your customers, you won’t have to worry about them having trouble reading it.

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Banners can creatively display your brand or a message and also attract people with their bright graphics. If you’d like to add a few to your business promotion, call us today! We’ll make sure to schedule a consultation right away.

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