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If you want people to come to your event, you’re going to need to promote it. After all, when people don’t know that your event is happening, you can’t expect anyone to show up. One way to get the word out about an upcoming event is to use graphics and signs.

As you consider promotional strategies for your business, you’ll want to think about the ways signage and graphics can bring your message to potential attendees. Learn more about some of the top indoor and outdoor signs and graphics for event promotion and see how each one can help you promote your company’s next event.


Indoor event graphics and signage can help you promote your next event. If customers and visitors regularly walk through your business, signs can grab their attention and let them know what’s in the works.

Below are a couple of the most popular forms of indoor promotional signs:


Decals are some of the most popular event graphics available to companies today due to their versatility. The vinyl graphics can be placed on windows, walls and floors, and other surfaces, giving you a high degree of flexibility in terms of where you want to display your message. Additionally, vinyl decals can be installed and removed with ease, which is perfect for temporary event signage.

Though they can be moved easily, decals are made out of high-quality material that will stand up even if placed on a floor that people walk across throughout the day. You can include custom graphics and text on the decals that relays information about your upcoming event and get people excited to attend it. For companies looking for low-cost, but high-quality promotional graphics, decals are the way to go.


If you have multiple events to promote or have a few different messages you want to get out, digital signs can be an excellent option. As they are digital, these signs can shuffle through beautiful messages and be quickly customized to promote a new event.

On top of their customizability, the modern look of digital signage placed throughout your building can make your space more attractive and give your company the image of being on top of the latest technology. With digital signage, your promotional messages will pop, letting you increase the event’s exposure.


Outdoor event signage allows for greater awareness of your event.

Outdoor event signage and graphics allow for greater awareness about your event and may bring in people who may have never thought of visiting your facilities.

The following are some of the best options for outdoor event signage and graphics:


One of the most attention-getting types of signage is large format sign graphics. Large format sign graphics can either be mounted on the sign of the side of buildings, or placed on Chloroplast H-frames so that they can stand alone.

As these signs are so large, they can be seen by pedestrians and drivers alike. Popular locations are beside highways, on top of or on the side of a building. On top of their size, they also are excellent canvases for stunning imagery and branded messaging in vibrant color schemes and attractive fonts. As you promote an event, this type of signage puts your messaging in the eyesight of the general public.


For promotional purposes, banners are perfect as they can be easily set up and taken down with ease. If you want to get the word out about your company’s event, you can hang a banner across the side of your building or over the entrance. People passing by will likely see the banner and notice your messaging. Like a large format sign graphic, the sign will pop out at anyone passing by your building.

In addition to hanging banners from the sides or over the entrance of your building, you can also set up pole-mounted banners to adorn walkways or flank the sides of an entrance. Pole-mounted banners are small, but as they will often be closer in proximity to the viewer, they can give you a more personal, unique form of signage. Along with outdoor usage, banners can also be used indoors to great effect.


Sidewalk signs are almost perfect for promotions. They are mobile and can be quickly set up. The A-frame design allows them to be placed on any sidewalk, making them incredibly noticeable to pedestrians. You can include eye-catching imagery and graphics on the signs to direct viewers to the event you are trying to promote.


Whether you want to promote your event using signs outside your building or bring your promotion to another location, you’ll want to use a custom event tent. On these tents, you can include branded imagery along with information on your upcoming events, such as an event tent with logos and custom messages. Tents don’t only provide an opportunity to share your message, but they are also inviting and can be used to encourage people to come up and talk to the staff in them.

The tents can be placed in front of your building if people regularly pass by your building. If you’re going to promote your program at a public location or event, you can use an event pop up tent that can be quickly set up and proudly display your message. With a printed tent, you can get people’s attention and invite them to learn more about your upcoming event.


Event promotion starts at your signage, so you’ll want to have the best graphics available today.

Here at SpeedPro Mesa Gilbert, we can help you print out stunning signs that will attract anyone who sees them to your event. Contact us today to speak with one of our friendly representatives about how we can help you.

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