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Do you need people to know that your business is holding its grand opening? What about letting them know your hours are changing or your business is re-opening after a period of being closed? Whatever your reason, yard signs are one of the best ways to make customers aware of a change. In times where businesses have to shut down due to health crises or natural disasters, it’s important to let people know you’re back.

Before you invest in custom yard signs, learn more about why so many companies turn to them, along with the benefits you can expect to receive from properly using them. Additionally, find out more about what makes a good yard sign, so you can attract as much positive attention as possible.


If your business had to shut down due to a public health crisis or close for renovations, you need people to know when you open back up. Though your most die-hard customers might follow your social media profiles or even go by your business to see if you’re back open, most consumers are likely going to assume you’re closed, moving on to other options. Placing yard signs throughout your community gives more casual customers the needed push to come back.

Additionally, even if you haven’t closed down, sometimes you need to change your hours and communicate this change to your customers and clients to they don’t show up when you’re closed. Business yard signs are affordable and easy to install, so you can put up a large number of them in your community to ensure everyone knows the new hours.

These signs also have several qualities that make them ideal for the temporary nature of an hour change or opening announcement. The signs are easy to make and can contain branded messages, graphics and colors that advertise the change and your company as a whole. They’re also incredibly portable and can be placed in strategic locations, such as outside your store, on the side of roadways and in some people’s yards.

Benefits of We Are Open Signs


As you consider investing in yard signs, you should be aware of a few different advantages so you can get the most out of your signs. The many benefits of yard signs make them a popular choice, especially for times when you need to advertise a temporary message about your new hours or a grand opening. Find out more about the benefits of yard signs below:

  • Portability: One of the top advantages of business yard signs is how they can be quickly re-positioned. After placing them, you might notice that there are more trafficked areas you’d rather place the sign or that you’ve made a mistake with the positioning. You can quickly pull yard signs out of the ground and move or reposition them to reach your customer base better.
  • Easy to place: Unlike other forms of signage that need to be attached to the sides of a building or go through more complex installation processes, yard signs can simply be inserted into the ground without any special tools or processes. Since it’s so easy to place them, you can install them throughout your community in hardly any time, letting you reach more of your community faster than other signage methods.
  • Eye-catching: Signage needs to be eye-catching. If people aren’t looking at it, the sign’s other qualities aren’t going to matter. The great part about custom yard signs is that you can design them to catch the eyes of those passing by them. Outfit these attention-grabbing signs with designs, logos and text that appeal to your target audience.
  • Affordable: Yard signs are relatively inexpensive signage options that can be mass-produced when you need to get a time-sensitive message out. Like the temporary yard signs you see for political campaigns, yard signs can be used for a period where you need to highlight that you’re open.


If you want to use yard signs for advertising that your business is open, you should know some of the best practices associated with yard signs. As you design your signage with hours and info about being open, keep these tips in mind:

  • Keep it simple: Your messaging doesn’t need to be too complex. Some of the best yard signs feature only two lines of text. When you’re trying to communicate that you’re open, you might feature the message that your business is now open on the first line and your hours on the line below.
  • Use big letters: If you want people to read your yard signs, the letters need to be large enough for people to read from a distance. Besides the size of the letters, you should also choose easy to read fonts like Arial or Verdana. Some fonts can be difficult to read, especially when someone is passing by them quickly.
  • Feature arrows: If your yard signs are close to your store, you can include arrow graphics to direct people to the store alongside messaging about your company’s hours.
  • Go double-sided: Yard signs can be either single-sided or double-sided. Generally, it’s a better idea to go with a double-sided yard sign, since it doubles your exposure. For example, if you place a double-sided sign next to a busy roadway, it will be visible to both incoming and outgoing traffic.
  • Don’t be afraid of white space: Increase the readability of your yard signs by using white space. Around a third of your sign should have white space to make sure that people can read the sign in seconds.
  • Place in a high-traffic area: “Now open” yard signs are all about making people aware that you’re ready to serve them. As a result, you don’t want to place your sign in an area where people rarely visit. Instead, put them in spots where people regularly pass by, whether that be in a vehicle or on foot.


Yard signs are one of the best forms of outdoor signage for times when you need to let your community know that your business is open and ready to serve them. With us in your corner, you’ll have all the resources you need to produce high-quality signage.

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