What Are Custom Banners and How Can You Use Them?

Vinyl is a synthetic material used for a wide range of print jobs, including banners. Using vinyl to make custom banners means you can choose from a variety of print detailing that’s durable and eye-catching. There are multiple options to choose from when choosing a banner material from thicker weight banner material to mesh banner material, our studio professionals will help you determine which banner media option best suits all of your needs.

Designing and purchasing a vinyl banner from SpeedPro will give you plenty of options to showcase your business and products. Use your new banners to:

  • Create greater visibility during trade shows and events
  • Celebrate store or venue grand openings
  • Market new product or service launches
  • Make customers aware of special promotions or seasonal sales
  • Welcome people to an event or your storefront
  • Add flair to holidays, celebrations and parties
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Our Different Vinyl Banner Options

Purchasing a custom vinyl banner from SpeedPro means you get to design your dream product and specify its size, flexibility and more. We offer different types of banners, so we can meet your needs and help you find the perfect solution for your space with options like:

  • Hung vinyl banners: This classic banner features grommets that will allow you to use rope or string to hold and hoist your banners up high. It’s a great way to draw people’s eyes to your display instantly. Solid banner vinyl comes in 13oz and 18oz thickness. 18oz. is primarily used for long-term, heavy weather outdoor signs.
  • Standing banners: Standing banners are a classic choice for conferences, trade show kiosks and special events. You can post them at doorways, use them to advertise your companies products or services, or even show people where to go.
  • Street banners: Also known as boulevard banners, street banners or pole banners, have pole pockets for easy hanging on street lamps, posts and more. They’re a great way to add signage to outdoor events in a professional way.
  • Mesh banners: SpeedPro prints mesh banners on a perforated media that provides a translucent look and allows free airflow through the material. These banners are great for windows and fences.
  • Step and repeat banners: These custom banners are generally used for “photo ops” for your special event. Backgrounds can be made to order, whether it be sponsor logos, company branding or a backdrop of the north pole! Step & Repeats are popular for brand experiences, corporate functions and more.
  • Pop-up banners: Also known as retractable banners are a popular choice for business presentations, conferences, trade shows, retail promotions and special events.
  • Street banners: Street banners require a durable vinyl with reinforced hems and corners. Some Cities require stitching due to wind and weather. Street banners are typically double-sided. Pole banners are popular and frequently used for university campuses and downtown districts. They’re a great way to promote your upcoming event.

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Home to the Winter Olympics once upon a time, Salt Lake City continues to thrive as a bustling port of innovation, business, and excited consumers. To make an impact, grow your business, and ratchet up sales, you need good brand recognition.

Whether it’s an event you need to market, a product you want to advertise, or a service you know the region needs, large format printing is the best solution.


SpeedPro NextGen Solutions Delivers

Indoor and outdoor signage offers numerous opportunities to get your message where you want it. Vehicle wraps, for example, are a potent way for people to learn about your brand, event, or company.

We can help you develop whatever product is going to give your business a leg up on the competition. You can consider:

  • Event graphics
  • Trade show displays
  • Banners
  • Vehicle wraps
  • And more


Only the Highest Quality Will Do

Competition is fierce and that means you need to go beyond what your competitors are doing. Radio and TV spots just don’t do much. Compared to visual marketing like large format printing, there is no comparison.

SpeedPro NextGen Solutions offer:

  • Highest quality products and services, every time.
  • The fastest turnaround available.
  • Incredible communication to keep you updated on every project.


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