Pop-up Banner

What Are Pop-Up Banners?

Pop-up banners are designed to make a noticeable impact fast. These banners get attached to a collapsible frame that pulls apart or “pops up” in less than a minute. It’s a quick way to decorate a trade show booth, show off your branding during a press conference and decorate during an event.

The fabric on the frame is a heavy-duty vinyl that will stay attached to the frame as you take it up and down. Our custom pop-up banners are a great long-term investment because you can detach the banner from the frame and replace it whenever you purchase a new banner. Pop-up banner stands are made from aluminum, which allows them to stand the test of time without major wear or tear. No matter how you use them, big and bold pop-up banners are sure to make a statement.

pop up banners for events
pop up banners

How Can You Use Custom Pop-Up Banners?

Your options are endless when it comes to using pop-up banners. They’re the perfect addition to a trade booth display and have other uses too, such as:

  • Special events: Customize banners to the event your business is hosting. Perhaps you want to honor specific employees at a company-wide party or place a banner displaying the date and name of the conference you’re hosting.
  • Retail stores: Advertise an upcoming sale with a pop-up banner posted at the front of your store. You can also use pop-ups for notices, such as a change in store policies or extended hours during the holiday season.
  • Press conferences: You don’t want an empty stage at a press conference, but you also want something that conveys your branding. High-quality pop-up banners will showcase your messages and draw everyone’s eye toward the stage.
  • Grand openings: Opening a new storefront is an exciting time for your company. Celebrate in style with a custom pop-up banner that outlines your new products, services and more. These banners are great for interior and exterior uses, so you can even put them outside to draw people into your store.
  • Fundraisers: It’s always better to show than tell. Instead of simply telling people why they should donate to your cause, use pop-up banners around your store or event to show them exactly why they should support you. Since these banners are easy to switch out, you can keep the frame and change the banner with each unique fundraiser.
  • Weddings: Are you a wedding vendor that needs to stand out from the rest? Pop-up banners are a quick and easy way to advertise your services on someone’s wedding day. Place one off to the side of your DJ booth or by the end of the buffet line to advertise your catering company.

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Home to the Winter Olympics once upon a time, Salt Lake City continues to thrive as a bustling port of innovation, business, and excited consumers. To make an impact, grow your business, and ratchet up sales, you need good brand recognition.

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Indoor and outdoor signage offers numerous opportunities to get your message where you want it. Vehicle wraps, for example, are a potent way for people to learn about your brand, event, or company.

We can help you develop whatever product is going to give your business a leg up on the competition. You can consider:

  • Event graphics
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Competition is fierce and that means you need to go beyond what your competitors are doing. Radio and TV spots just don’t do much. Compared to visual marketing like large format printing, there is no comparison.

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