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Wall Murals in Salt Lake City

Adding some color and design into your office building is both a necessity and a novelty. When customers walk through the front door, you’ll want them to be delighted and welcome. A printed wall mural can easily set the scene of your business and share your brand with an audience as they build their first impression of your operations.

SpeedPro NextGen Solutions is a wide-format graphics printing studio, joining the hundreds of SpeedPro studios across the country. Our team of marketers and designers are skilled and professional, using their combined experiences to deliver visual solutions that are personalized to you and your brand. If you’re in search of a large-format wall mural to accentuate your workspace, we’re the team for you. Reach out to us in Salt Lake City to begin the design process today.

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Do You Need to Re-Visualize Your Office Space?

One of the first things you’ll notice about a large-format wall mural is the size. The second thing you’ll notice is the color. Thanks to our UV-resistant inks, your mural will be on perfect display for everyone, capturing the attention of people as they gather in the waiting room or walk through a long hallway. You’ll never have to worry about your colorful piece fading due to prolonged light exposure, meaning you can place your artwork wherever it applies to your work environment.

Vinyl wall murals can set the mood in your office or share your team’s personality, featuring your brand.

Wall Murals for Greeting Customers

Our team will work directly with you to help brainstorm a few solid ideas for your new mural. We’ll ask questions, like where you want to display your piece and who do you want to notice it the most, to create and design the artwork that will truly speak to the heart and soul of your business.

The go-to location for a wall mural is right inside the front door, at reception or in a waiting room. This is a great placement idea for greeting customers and exposing them to your brand right from the start. Bright and dramatic colors will immediately catch the eye of people nearby and can energize them for an upcoming meeting or consultation. Softer, more muted colors can help set a calming atmosphere — an especially helpful trick in medical waiting rooms.

Wall Murals for Company Culture

Vinyl wall murals can also be placed in more internal, private areas, especially if the goal of the mural is to target your own team. Some companies find that visualizing their mission statement is exactly what they need to motivate their employees or to help set and maintain company culture — all-important fundamentals for a successful, profitable business.

Are your employees unmotivated? Do they feel a lack of urgency? Do they need an extra boost of inspiration to coordinate meetings and settle negotiations? Large-format wall murals can be the perfect visual solution for these scenarios and more.

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Influencing your work environment can take many shapes and forms, and large-format wall murals can help you achieve the effect you need. Contact our team in Salt Lake City today to find your ideal design.

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