3 Vehicle Wrap Dilemmas Businesses Should Be Aware Of

DECEMBER 6, 2018| SpeedPro North Shore




Vehicle wraps are a great way to get your product, service, and brand out where 100’s of eyes can see them, every day.  On a cost-per-view basis, vehicle wraps are one of the most economical ways to advertise.  But there are good wraps and bad wraps, so knowing what to be aware of and what to look for makes a big difference in the outcome.

Finding the right partner to design and install the wrap is key.  SpeedPro North Shore does only commercial vehicle wraps, so our focus is on making sure your fleet looks great every day.  Here are three things we are always keeping an eye out for:

  1. Bubbling – bubbles, and wrinkles indicate the vinyl material has not adhered properly to the vehicle surface. Over time, these imperfections will grow and shorten the useful life of your wrap.
  2. Peeling – vinyl that is either delaminating or peeling is a sign that things weren’t properly cleaned before the vinyl was installed. Having a clean, dry surface to apply graphics to is key. Hand washing also helps, as automated brush washes can catch the edges of the graphics and start the peeling process.
  3. Design Mishaps – graphics placed on the vehicle without regard for things like mirrors, door handles, and other protrusions can range from the unfortunate to the downright comical. Careful measurements, good templates and thinking about all sides of the vehicle while designing are great ways to make sure your logo doesn’t have a car emblem right in the middle of it.

SpeedPro North Shore deals with these issues and more every day, so we are well versed in making sure your vehicle looks great at 55 mph or parked at a job site.  We take a careful approach to the design, production, and installation of all vehicle graphics so that you look your best 24/7/365.


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