3 Ways to Update Your Office without Remodeling

DECEMBER 7, 2018| SpeedPro North Shore



Looking for ways to improve productivity and employee satisfaction in the office?  Environmental graphics on office walls, meeting rooms, entrance ways, and break rooms are a great way to transform your space without shattering the budget.  Graphics are an easy way to upgrade the look of your office without tearing down walls and moving furniture.

Here are three ways SpeedPro North Shore can help you without breaking the bank.

  • Architectural and Glass Finishes

Glass demonstrates a modernize design, yet frosted vinyl adds privacy to glass and windows which is perfect for conference rooms and offices. It adds additional eye-catching characteristics that can be designed and cut into everything from corporate logos to whimsical artwork.


  • Dimensional Projects

Creating different layers of dimensional elements can build branding essentials to keep employees and customers engaged with your company. With SpeedPro’s industry-leading materials and expert advice, your graphics make a statement about the level of service and quality that you offer.  SpeedPro North Shore uses acrylic, foam core, metal and wood to add an impactful impression for your brand when creating dimensional space.


  • Environmental and Experiential Design Graphics

Environmental and experiential design graphics can position your office to generate an exciting space for company culture. They become an ideal centerpiece and inspire employees to convey pride in the company they work for and customers to take note of the level of quality and service they can expect.

SpeedPro North Shore can assure you the highest quality graphics solutions for your office space.

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