Q. What color process do you use for printing?

A. SpeedPro North Shore uses Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK) for printing.  However, we work with files created in a number of color builds, including RGB and LAB.  We can work with your files or help you create them.

Q. What are the ideal file parameters for a large format graphics file?

A. Basically, the file should be done at full size (100% of the actual size of the graphic) and 150 dpi resolution.   If you need to scale the file down to a smaller size, remember to increase the resolution by the same multiple so the end product will be 150 dpi at full size when we enlarge it for printing.  So, a file done at 50% size should be created at 300 dpi; a file created at 20% size should be done at 750 dpi resolution.  Keep in mind that the aspect ratio of scaled files needs to match the aspect ratio of the final graphic.  A file created at 8.5″ X 11″ (ratio of 1:1.294) will not scale properly to a 24″ X 36″ graphic (ratio of 1:5).  Something will get lost in translation or you will have white borders along  sides.

Q. Does SpeedPro North Shore print from raster files or from vector files?

A. We can use either, as long as they are created to the above parameters.  If some part of the file is to be cut out as part of the v=overall graphic, then the file must be a vector file so the cutting computer has the necessary cut lines to follow.  Typically, files with photographs are raster files and files that are design or shape elements are vector files.

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