Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle <span>Graphics</span>

Looking for new ways to promote your business to a large audience? Vehicle graphics are the perfect solution for reaching a new demographic. Your vehicle is an important asset to communicate and build recognition on the road. These graphics can expand your brand’s visibility when parked and then continue to work when you are on the road. They are also a convenient way to update branding because the wrap can be quickly replaced with a brand-new design.

Vehicle graphics can feature logos, slogans, contact information, band values and services you offer.



Some popular options for vehicles include vehicle wrap, fleet graphics, vehicle decals, and  trailer wraps. If you are looking for another type of vehicle graphic, request a consultation so that we can discuss options to suit your needs.

Vehicle Wrap

Cars, SUVs, and standard trucks all have the option between full and partial-coverage vehicle wraps. All are designed and printed in the same way, the only difference being how much of the vehicle is covered. With partial wraps, you can select what gets covered such as side doors, front hood, back bumper, etc.

Fleet Wraps

Branding an entire fleet for your company? SpeedPro has the experience and capability to produce consistent and effective wraps so that your fleet remains uniform. The outcome allows for a stunning display of consistency and improved visibility for your fleet.

Trailer Wraps

Trailers are great for creating a mobile advertising solution. And when not in use, they act as a billboard and have the capability of generating many impressions. They can also improve your credibility and branding when clients associate the trailer with you and the company.

Decals & Lettering

A branded decal and simple lettering can be an effective way to convey a brand’s image.


Custom vehicle graphics can showcase your brand in a new and unique way.  Using vehicle graphics enhances your business commutes by building brand recognition on the road – benefiting both you and your potential customers. The impressions you’ll gain will lead towards an increased customer base.

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