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Every once in a while, your business might feel like it’s lacking in its appearance. You can choose to do a full renovation to enhance your brand — or you can instead decide to add or update a few key pieces. Vinyl banners are a good place to start to upgrade your signage and create a new, eye-catching appearance. Whether you’re dressing up your indoor environment or touching up your outdoor presentation, business banners will add the perfect color, detail and information for your brand.

SpeedPro Northern Virginia is here to provide you with the visibility your brand needs. Vinyl banners come equipped with bright and vivid fade-resistant inks, ensuring your image will stay on display for as long as you need it to be. Add one or 20 — the choice is yours. If you need help updating your company’s look in the counties of Fairfax and Loudoun or in the D.C. area, contact us right away for a free design quote.

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How Should You Display Your Custom Business Banners?

The best brand exposure comes from vinyl banners that are highly attractive while also being durable and versatile.

Many of our banners are customized and detailed from vinyl material, ensuring that your new promotional materials can withstand weather and environmental conditions as well as the test of time. UV-resistant inks will also keep them brightly displayed, without you having to fear them fading from constant exposure to the sun or heat.

At SpeedPro Northern Virginia, we offer color-matching technology that allows us to create custom banners that fit in with your existing signage. Maybe you have a retractable banner currently inside that you know your customers love. Instead of you worrying about moving this sign inside and outside to respond to the weather or community events, we’ll create a custom banner that can stay outside on display for as long as you need. Our hanging banners can also be swapped in and out thanks to our combination of grommet rings and pole slots.

As far as specific types of custom banners, we offer a few different options, including:

  • Blackout
  • Mesh
  • Scrim
  • Smooth

A blackout banner is most useful outside, though it can be used anywhere. The key function of this type of banner is the inner “blackout filter” used to block out extra lighting. Whether you’re dealing with artificial indoor lightning or natural outdoor sunlight, you’ll be reassured that your banner — single- or double-sided — is visible from all sides and that your message can always be read.

Another popular solution is our mesh material. You’ll often see banners made for the outdoors with slits cut on the sides, which is done to prevent wind damage. Unfortunately, the slits typically make it easier for damage and ripping to occur. Instead, our designers at SpeedPro have created a mesh material that allows for up to 70 percent airflow, significantly reducing the risk of damage from wind and rain.

Find Vinyl Banners and More in Northern Virginia

No matter what kind of banner you’re seeking, our team at SpeedPro Northern Virginia is ready to help customize and print the signage you need. Contact us today to set up a consultation appointment to further discuss your business, brand and goals.

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