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SpeedPro’s innovative signage tech allows the ability to provide more than what can be printed on a display.  Customers can be directed to website links, video files, audio files, and other types of communication and promotions.

  • While QR codes require a user to open their phone’s camera, InfoLnkX users need only hold their phone up to an indicated place in the sign or decal.  QR codes can be useful tech for sharing for directing users to a landing page, but they’re not visually pleasing.
  • InfoLnkX can be inserted into any custom sign, large or small, from beautiful wall murals to decals on a dinner table and keep the focus on the company or brand and not the tech.


We believe that touch-free technology would change customer experience. As restaurants and businesses struggle to come up with effective ways to comply with public health guidelines, InfoLnkX signage tech allows restaurants to offer customers and employees a touch-free dining experience.

The signage tech can be inserted into any custom sign, large or small, from beautiful wall murals to decals on a dinner table or the floor.  Menus are high-interaction customer-employee touchpoints. By replacing menus, InfoLnkX can reduce the risk of transmission of bacteria and viruses between individuals.

With this technology, restaurants and breweries with large beer selections or rotating taps can dynamically update their menus without costly reprints. This also works for menu dishes or products that are sold out or out of stock which reduces the friction between the restaurant employee and the customer.

NFC Technology

SpeedPro aims to be most innovative wide-format printing company by developing new ways to integrate user and retailer-friendly technology in signage. NFC, near-field communication, technology enables short-range communication between devices, using transmitters that do not need a power source of their own.

This can be used by restaurants or retailers to direct a customer to any webpage, including payment checkout.  InfoLnkX itself does not process the payments, but provides clients with an additional, touch-free avenue to process customer payments through their own processing method.


For more information or to begin the conversion to touch-free technology please reach out and we will be more than happy to assist!

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Steve Jaszai