JULY 17, 2019| SpeedPro Northglenn

Large-scale, vibrant murals are captivating signage solutions for businesses of all industries and backgrounds. Inside, outside, from floor to ceiling or covering a corner, wall mural designs are crafted to meet your branding needs. And with the vast number of competitive businesses typically located in a central area, separating yourself and standing out from everyone else is a number one priority.

Why is there such an emphatic importance surrounding the customization and display of wall murals? To start, they’re extremely visible. “Vivid” and “bold” are two words we embrace at SpeedPro to knock our large-format graphics out of the park.

Branded office decorations have a way of motivating employees and keeping them productive and focused throughout the workday. Additionally, they help with the interior design of offices — especially those with open floor plans. Utilizing a piece of signage that has multiple beneficial aspects is one of the best and easiest ways to increase your business success.

At SpeedPro, we believe wall murals are important for three main reasons: They attract customers, express your business’s brand and aid in the visualization of work culture and values for both employees and visitors. Read on for some industry statistics about corporate wall murals and other wide-format signage, the best methods for increasing your brand awareness, the benefits and advantages of company culture and some case studies showing other business’s success stories.


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