A minivan with a custom vehicle wrap for SpeedPro Raleigh with the text "Drive Your Brand".

Drive Your Business to the Top with Vehicle Graphics! (Part 1)

JUNE 24, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Vehicle Graphics

SpeedPro vehicle wraps range from partial graphics to complete coverage (full wraps). Vehicle graphics are always visually impressive and guaranteed to capture the attention of countless customers.

The 3 Second Rule

An advertisement has only 3 seconds to grab your attention, appeal to you, and deliver its intended message.

This may sound like a lot to accomplish in a very short amount of time because, well frankly, it is! And there is no difference when it comes to advertising on your car, van, or truck. Whether it’s a full wrap, partial wrap, or even just one small magnet, you have to remember the 3 Second Rule, and realize that you only have a very small amount of time to capture attention, engage the consumer, and deliver your message. This will make the chances of the viewer remembering your ad much higher. And if you are lucky, it will drive that viewer to action, such as going on your website, giving you a call, or stopping by your place of business.

When it comes to all the different mediums of advertising, vehicle wraps have proven to be the most effective, innovative, and economical form. They actively promote your business everywhere you go! Whether on delivery routes or driving to the grocery store, the opportunities for reaching qualified buyers are limitless. In fact, it is statistically proven that an individual car wrap can generate between 30,000 to 70,000 impressions per day! It is also the best value when compared to other forms of advertising. Vehicle decals efficiently make the most of your advertising dollars in and out of your marketing area. The result is significantly increased exposure of your company. Furthermore, wraps cost less than custom paint jobs, are easy to update, and typically last 5 years!

When it comes to ensuring these long-lasting impressions of your wrap, it’s all about the design! There are several important things to consider when developing your vehicle wrap concept and design. Based on my personal experience and expertise, there are a few secrets I’ve learned to be important considerations when creating your wrap, which we will discuss in Part 2.

SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your source for custom vehicle graphics in Raleigh, Durham, RTP and Cary. Please visit our Vehicle Graphics page for more information or call us at 919-460-6013 to learn more about our products or request a quote.

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