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Drive Your Business to the Top with Vehicle Graphics! (Part 2)

JULY 8, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Vehicle Graphics

Vehicle wraps can turn your product into your best marketing tool. Car, truck, and van graphics expand your message and can be used anywhere to quickly deliver key messages. We print in virtually any size possible.

Developing Your Vehicle Wrap Design

There are several important things to consider when developing your vehicle wrap design. Based on my personal experience and expertise, there are a few secrets I’ve learned to be important considerations when creating your custom wrap.

Know Your Goals!

What do you want to accomplish with your ad? Is it to increase sales, raise awareness, build credibility, push a special promotion, feature a new product, or all of the above? What is the most important thing that you want people to remember, or take away, from your ad?

These are the types of brainstorming questions you need to think about when you are conceptualizing your vehicle wrap design. It is important to be aware of your goals, so you can incorporate what you want your message to be. Otherwise, your message could get lost in the design and not come across clearly to your viewers!

Keep Your Branding Consistent!

Make sure your branding (logo, tagline, brand colors, etc.) are the same on your car wrap design as they are in all the other facets that your business uses to advertise (website, literature/collateral, signage & displays, social media sites, etc). This is such a simple, yet extremely important, aspect to maintain. Your viewers must be able to recognize your company brand whether they are surfing your website, looking at your business card, or seeing your truck wrap driving down the highway. Inconsistent branding is confusing and frustrating to the consumer. More importantly, it makes you appear less professional and credible. Also, it significantly lowers your chances of being memorable, delivering your message, and ultimately getting new business!

Keep Things Short and Sweet!

In this day and age, people are busier than ever. Technology is growing, advertising is still everywhere you look, and our attention span is dropping. No one is going to stop to read a truck wrap that has text on it from top to bottom. And your message will definitely be lost if your car wrap is designed with copious images, fonts, colors, shapes, sizes, formats, etc. Less is more when it comes to your wrap design. It is better to leave the audience with unanswered questions. That way, the only way to find out more about your business is to look you up and get in contact with you. And the more times you can communicate with a prospective customer, the better chances you have doing business with them.

I suggest sticking to the basics. One thing I have learned from my experience with vehicle graphics is the importance of your website. Most people know the importance of including their website in the design of their wrap; however, sometimes it is underplayed, not very visual, and not emphasized enough. The fact of the matter is, a person is much more likely to remember a website than a phone number, so it is imperative that you include it big, bold, and in multiple places.

In addition to your branding and contact information, just pick a few additional things that you feel will supplement your business in a positive way. Think of things that will be visually stimulating and eye‐catching, but do not take away from your overall brand and message. You don’t want your message to be lost by a wacky design with splashes of neon colors. You want your company brand and contact information to stand out and be the most prominent and long‐lasting impression on your audience!

Please stay tuned for Part 3 to learn a few final tips in designing your vehicle wrap.


SpeedPro NW Raleigh is your source for custom vehicle graphics in Raleigh, Durham, RTP and Cary. Please visit our Vehicle Graphics page for more information or call us at 919-460-6013 to learn more about our products or request a quote.

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