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It’s a common occurrence to see a group of three or four trucks coming down a highway together. Whether they’re carrying an oversize haul or helping a family move, you know they’re all together. A lot of times, they’ll catch attention from other drivers because of their size or loud, impressive noise as they barrel down the highway. But what will give them a lasting impression is their decorative design. The good news is that this description could be of you and your crew.

At SpeedPro NW Raleigh, we design custom vehicle fleet wraps to help your fleet stand out from the rest. We create designs that represent your brand and business, capturing people’s attention and making them remember you. Whether you need a full redesign or just a few key areas of branding, we’ve got you covered.

If your business, service or organization is located in Morrisville or around northwestern Raleigh, contact us today! We’ll quickly begin designing your fleet’s new wraps and designs.

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Custom Fleet Wraps for Your Vehicles

Whether you’re rumbling down the road or parked in a lot on-site, your truck has probably garnered a lot of attention. People are constantly checking out the look of your ride to see who you’re driving for or what services you provide. Now, with some help from SpeedPro, not only can you update your branding appearance, but you can also cause people to give a second or third look your way!

This solution doesn’t just apply to huge trucks either. Maybe you run a food delivery service or catering company and often have to send out a small group of vans at once to complete a job. Your vans can create just as much attention fully branded! Give people something to talk about — and something to look into for their own use — by making your vans a bright and attractive promotional platform.

Succeeding With Vibrant Vehicle Fleet Wraps

Looking identical and clearly showing off your brand will allow your business to gain recognition and receive the perfect visibility.

At SpeedPro NW Raleigh, we value the durability and integrity of vinyl. Many of our products are made from vinyl materials, and our custom fleet wraps are no different! To help with your long-term or short-term branding needs, our studio offers two popular types of vinyl — cast and calendar.

Cast vinyl is the perfect match for anyone looking for the ultimate branding coverage. While it stretches and adheres with a thin appearance, it can hold for a long period of time. Its slimmer build also allows it to reach and roll over the side panels of your haul truck.

Calendar vinyl is a little bit thicker, ideal for any temporary branding projects. This vinyl looks amazing when wrapped around corners and exposed bolts, as it will not lose any elasticity to cover hard-to-reach areas.

As with many vehicle wraps, we choose the design, but ultimately, the coverage is your choice. You have the option between full and partial fleet wraps based on the needs of your business. A full fleet wrap can cover the entirety of your truck or all sides and windows of your van. With a partial fleet wrap, you may choose to only cover up to two sides of your truck paneling or two areas of your van. Whatever you need in terms of branding and grabbing attention effectively, our team can assist you in making the proper choice!

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Vehicle fleet wraps give your business the visibility you desire while spending so much time on the road. If you’re interested in using your truck or van to show off your business, call us today, and we’ll schedule an upcoming consultation with you!


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