Perforated Window Graphics

Perforated <span>Window Graphics</span>

What types of businesses use Window Perf?

Perforated window graphics are most used in vehicle windows, retail window displays, office glass, and other situations where you want visibility for the graphics from one side and light to pass through to the other. Perforated window vinyl wraps have a lot of applications, such as the following:

  • Commercial Vehicles– Buses and vans often have large windows that take away from the advertising space on these moving billboards. By using perforated vinyl, the professionals at SpeedPro NW Raleigh can extend the messaging onto the window areas giving your advertising more impact.
  • Convention Centers and Shopping Malls– Entrances and street side windows usually appear as large dark grey rectangles. BORING! Applying window perf graphics can make them Pop with your advertising or branding.
  • Retail Stores, Medical Offices and Gyms– Window graphics give stores the opportunity to highlight current sales or special offers. A gym can use graphics to announce new operating hours or that it is got new exercise equipment. A Dental Office can use graphics to let people know that it has new services.
  • Restaurants– Ambiance is key for restaurants and putting the graphic images on the windows using perforated vinyl is a great way to set the mood before patrons enter.
  • Museums and Art Studios– Printed window film can be used to protect interiors and artifacts from fading caused by the sun’s UV rays because it stops up to 70 percent of the sun’s energy.
Perforated Window Graphics-Dental Center of Zebulon
Custom perforated window graphics for Trinity Partners The Central in Durham

What are the Benefits of Window Perf?

With perforated window film, you can see out, but others cannot see in. Here are some of the benefits of displaying your brand with window perf:

  • Attracts Attention-Perforated Window Decals attract onlookers and passersby. Vibrant full-color, eye-catching graphics displayed across entire panels of glass command a lot of attention. The biggest advantage of it is that it provides full visibility to the graphics from the outside while allowing light through to the people inside.
  • Provides shade and privacy –Perforated window vinyl is energy smart. It provides ample shade from excessive sunlight, a 70 percent reduction.  You can use less energy and save money on air conditioning because there is less sun coming in. The perforation provides full visibility from the inside, while those on the outside will only be able to see the graphic and not through the window providing privacy for you and your patrons.
  • Brand Awareness– Perforated vinyl window film allows for one-way viewing from interiors of building or storefront glass while featuring a creative way for brand building and marketing. Many businesses brand their company cars, trucks, and vans with window perf – it’s mobile marketing at its best!
  • Cost Effective– While window graphics are not free, they do tend to cost a lot less than other forms of advertising and usually don’t require the purchase of a permit. And remember, you might save some money on your electric bill!

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