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Preparing for a Trade Show or Exhibit (Part 2)

AUGUST 19, 2019| SpeedPro NW Raleigh


Trade Show Displays

Make a good first impression with your trade show display by using eye-catching collapsible POP up displays, tension fabric displays, or step and repeat backdrop banners!

So… How much time do you need to plan for you upcoming trade show? Will your tension fabric display send the right message to your prospects?

These seem like simple questions; however, the answers can vary greatly. They depend on a number of variables, such as the product, location, person, scope or ease of set up, etc. That being said, most people are not as prepared as they need to be when planning for an upcoming trade show, in regards to knowing what to buy and, maybe even more importantly, when to buy it. This week, I will discuss how to plan for lead times. The key is to be realistic and practical.

Be Realistic and Practical

Imagine you have a show coming up in 6 months. Do you know how far in advance you need to start planning? When should you begin the creative design of your materials? When should you order collateral/swag items? And what about a booth display package? Does your display need to be portable for travel?

People are so often fooled into thinking that they can get everything together for a show in a few weeks (or even worse, a few days)! But this is certainly not the case, and no one should procrastinate on the booth planning when preparing for an upcoming trade show.

Your trade show represents your business and will make a lasting impression. Try asking yourself this:  Do you want to walk out on the show floor with a banner stand or display that has typos, faded images, and no clear message? This is the risk you take when you wait until the last minute. I know there are plenty of things to do besides plan for a trade show. But seriously, these events cost a lot of money and valuable time. Why would you not put the time and effort into the planning process that your business and branding so clearly deserve?

So don’t wait until the last minute. Be proactive. Be conscientious. And then go out there and be amazing on the show floor! And be sure to check back for Part 3!


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