Wall Murals and Wallpaper

Wall Murals <span>and Wallpaper</span>


Make your office come to life by adding vibrant, custom wall murals and wallpaper.  Whether you’re a large corporation or small company, wall graphics are a great way to extend your branding.  Office murals communicate a mission statement or create a delightful artistic or motivational atmosphere.  Adding a vinyl wall wrap to your shared office space will give a daily reminder to your team of your business’s goals and mission. In an office setting, large format wall murals and custom printed wallpaper do more than just grab attention–they tell stories, motivate, inspire and intrigue! Add style to any office with beautiful custom wall paper or make a statement with wall quotes.

Create an inspiring work environment with custom office murals.  Call Today, and let our experienced wall graphics experts advise you on the many options available:

  • Wall Murals
  • Custom Wallpaper
  • Cut Vinyl Wall Lettering and Quotes
  • Wall Decals

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WHY WALL MURALS?Image of a wall mural with protective laminate, installed in a restaurant in Raleigh, NC.

Bring attention to your office walls with the addition of commercial wall coverings. Murals completely change the environment and tie a room together, making them the perfect addition to office spaces and large rooms. Our custom murals are printed on materials specified for your wall surface. They can be laminated for protection from abrasion and mild cleaning.  Every day when clients enter your business, you have an opportunity to make an impact. Your opportunity lies in the atmosphere that you create in your space. One of the best ways to create a positive environment is with a custom printed wall mural for your office. Your walls are here to stay, so use your opportunity to include them in the way that you send your message to clients.  At SpeedPro, we understand what your brand means to you, and we are here to provide mural solutions that promote your brand and enhance your decor.

Image of custom printed wallpaper, installed in a lobby in Raleigh, NC.CUSTOM WALLPAPER ADDS TEXTURE.

Custom printed wallpaper is becoming one of the most popular ways for businesses to extend their brand. While murals convey messages with bold images, commercial wallpaper offers the ability to convey those messages in more personalized and unique ways.  Wallpaper is available in a variety of textures. Abaco Beach wall covering is a favorite choice for lobbies, conference rooms and restaurants where a more sophisticated or professional appearance is needed to convey your message. In addition, it makes a great addition to employee work areas helping you create the most productive work spaces by reinforcing your corporate culture. Our custom wallpaper meets the highest standards for both appearance and safety.

WALL DECALS CONVEY MESSAGES.Image of custom vinyl wall letters, installed in Raleigh, NC.

Display your brand with cut vinyl wall lettering. Convey your Mission or reinforce your values with wall quotes. It’s all possible with the application of Contour-cut lettering and interior graphic displays. This is a great choice for employee areas as well as retail walls and counters. It provides a subtle or bold look, depending on your needs and design. Let your walls come to life with vinyl wall quotes and indoor graphics. Apply words of wisdom or inspiration to your walls, and make your team feel excited to work in a place that encourages motivation to produce high quality results.

When you require more than can be provided with the application of solid color graphics, SpeedPro can combine the virtues of wall murals with cut vinyl lettering to create look that is uniquely you. Wall decals are a combination of high-resolution graphics and the properties of cut wall lettering to give you custom-shaped design elements for any wall. The possibilities are endless as we can combine these elements to meet your needs. Wall decals can be either semi-permanent or reposition-able, depending on your business needs.



How can you use your walls to make a positive impact on your business?  Custom-printed wall murals! A wall mural or custom wall paper allows you to broadcast what is important to your company in a big way. Here are some of the benefits of investing in wall murals:

  • ADVERTISING -Interior wall graphics can be viewed by hundreds, or even thousands, of consumers every day. By placing your company branding and logo on a large wall, you advertise yourself to potential clients who pass by.  Retail spaces can use decals and cut vinyl lettering to feature new products or provide guidance on how to find items inside the store.  This can help to boost your Average Sale Value as well as your Total Sales. Restaurants can benefit in much the same way by featuring specialties and beverages.  The visual impact of graphic images reaches customers on an emotional level and that can help your bottom line.
  • AMBIANCE – Wallpaper gives you the ability to take a plain wall and transform it into something that sets a mood. Do you want to create a dining area where customers feel welcome and are encouraged and engaged? Choosing a wallpaper that conveys the theme of the restaurant is one of the most effective ways to achieve that atmosphere. Custom wallpapers can be created to complement the overall design of the room and bring it all together. Do you need a way to empower employees to be creative? Adding custom wall coverings with blue and green hues helps promote communication, trust, efficiency, harmony and balance, which in turn can spur innovation. Whether you choose to make your wall inspirational, lively, awe‐inspiring, or calming, wallpaper is an easy way to revamp your space and set the right tone.
  • ADDITIONAL REVENUE STREAMS -Wall murals do not have to be limited to your company alone! Do you have an empty wall in your parking garage? Or perhaps in an office building that you own? Selling wall space to other companies is a great way to make extra revenue and improve the look of the space as well.  Moreover, it can increase the value of your rental areas by allowing your tenants to advertise on a broader scale.
  • COST EFFECTIVE -Compared to traditional advertising media, wall murals and wallpaper are economical and can be produced to last for months and even years! Unlike other media that requires constant expenditures to reach clients, the durable nature of large graphic wall coverings allows them to work for you for years.

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At SpeedPro, we understand what your brand means to you, and we are here to provide mural solutions that promote your brand and enhance your decor.  We are your local source for wall murals and custom wallpaper. Call today and see how you can transform your space. 855.451.9734

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