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Wall Coverings in Orlando

Wall coverings are the solution when you’re needing to cover up a large amount of wall space through your office, restaurant, hotel, etc. We can print custom coverings to provide a consistent look throughout your entire space and can be complimented by murals and decals. The overall experience can be overwhelming at times if you work on your own. Thankfully at SpeedPro Orlando, we work with you throughout every step to ensure that your vision gets turned into a reality.


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Where to Use Wall Coverings

  • Offices: Whether it’s a corporate office, or the office of a local business, covering up blank walls will improve the visual appeal of the area and your team’s moral.
  • Restaurants: The walls of a restaurant are a huge indicator of the type of atmosphere you’re trying to portray. Darker and more muted colors may be great for a higher end/quiet restaurant. On the opposite side of that, bright colors could be great for a higher traffic/louder restaurant such as a frozen yogurt store. Depending on the covering used, customers appetite could be changed/influenced.
  • Hotels/Resorts: A perfect solution for wrapping hallways, lobbies, and even rooms. Reducing the amount of blank walls will increase the comfort and trust level of your guests. Custom printed coverings will also ensure that your walls match the theme of your hotel/resort and provide a seamless guest experience.
  • Schools/Colleges: Many schools and colleges have traditionally had blank walls throughout their facilities. Recently, we’re starting to see a trend where many schools and colleges are adding custom coverings throughout their halls, offices, and classrooms.
  • Venues: Host events in your building or on your property? Coverings will easily improve the visual appeal of the area and improve your venue’s credibility.

In House Installation

At SpeedPro Orlando, we’re a one stop solution. Not only will we be able to print high quality coverings, we’ll be able to install them throughout your office, restaurant, hotel, etc. Our installation will ensure that you’re graphics are up quickly and properly.

Areas Serviced

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with our community to generate remarkable results and create state-of-the-art graphics.  From vehicle wraps to trade show displays, we know how to enhance your image and make you stand out. Servicing Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Sanford, Apopka, Winter Park Altamonte Springs and many other areas, SpeedPro Orlando acts as a trusted partner to Central Florida.

Needing Another Wall Graphic?

At SpeedPro Orlando, we print many types of graphics. If you’re needing another type of wall graphic, check out our other solutions below. You can also request a consultation and we’ll walk you through our full range of products and services.

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