Wall Coverings

Wall Coverings

Custom Printed Wall Coverings

Needing to cover up large amounts of wall space throughout your office, restaurant, hotel, etc? Custom printed wall coverings are the solution you’ve been looking for. They’re a great alternative to bland preprinted wall coverings and slow hand painted murals. We custom print on premium wallcoverings to provide a consistent and jaw dropping look that matches your brand and business.

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Our Process for Wall Coverings

Our company is built on transparency and being streamlined as possible. To that point, we’ve broken down our process into several steps so that you know exactly what to expect. While all these steps may look slightly different the overall flow stays the same.

Steps for Getting a Wall Covering

1. Site Visit & Measurements

The first step to adding wall coverings to your environment is scheduling a site visit. We recommend a site visit because walls aren’t always as straight forward as they seem. Our team will determine if the wall is squared off. Additional material may be needed if the wall isn’t squared so that we can ensure everything will be covered. This is also a great time for our team to check the surface and texture of the wall to determine if the wallcovering will adhere well.

2. Artwork & Approval

After the site visit is completed and all measurements have been gathered, we’ll need the artwork before we can start printing. The majority of our clients have artwork ready to go minus the few slight adjustments that need to be made after we’ve taken measurements. If you don’t have artwork, our designers can work with you to create the graphics you’ll be needing. Once we have all the graphics in hand, we’ll send you a proof to review before moving forward. Production will start when we receive your final approval.

3. Printing & Cutting

This step is primarily just for us, but an important part of the process to mention. We’ll start printing the graphics on the wall covering using one of our large format printers. These printers run at exceptional speeds without the quality being reduced. Larger walls will be divided up into strips (limitation of the substrate) and printed one strip at a time.

4. Installation

The last step is having your wall coverings installed. Our account managers will find a time that’ll work within your schedule to have our in-house installation team accurately and precisely install your graphics. Since wall coverings are installed using a paste, we’ll place material on the ground to catch any paste that may drip off during installation. Our installation team is extremely professional and always focuses on the task at hand to allow for minimal disruption to you and(or) your team.


Ready to take your business’s interior look to the next level? Wallcoverings are your answer to inspire your team and blow away your clients.


Where are Wallcoverings Used?
SpeedPro where are wallcoverings used

Wallcoverings can be used on most smooth walls. When installing, we’ll need a solid surface that the wallcovering paste can adhere to. Common locations and types of businesses that commonly use wallcoverings are below.

  • Offices: Whether it’s a corporate office of a fortune 500 company or the office of a local business, covering up blank walls will improve the visual appeal of the area and your team’s moral. We’ve been installing lots of custom printed wall coverings throughout new builds, but they can also be used in existing structures.
  • Restaurants: The walls of a restaurant are a huge component in setting the atmosphere. Darker and more muted colors may be great for a higher end/quiet restaurant. On the opposite side of that, bright colors could be great for a high traffic/louder restaurant such as a frozen yogurt store. Depending on the covering used, customers appetite could be changed/influenced.
  • Schools/Colleges: Many schools and colleges have traditionally had blank walls throughout their facilities. We’re seeing a trend where schools and colleges are adding custom wall coverings throughout their halls, offices, and classrooms. The newly changed spaces will be more inviting and inspiring when compared to the previous blank walls.
  • Hotels/Resorts: A perfect solution for wrapping hallways, lobbies, and even rooms. Reducing the amount of blank walls will increase the comfort and trust level of your guests. Custom printed coverings will also ensure that your walls match the theme of your hotel/resort and provide a seamless guest experience.

Areas Serviced

We’ve worked hand-in-hand with our community to generate remarkable results and create state-of-the-art graphics.  From vehicle wraps to trade show displays, we know how to enhance your image and make you stand out. Servicing Orlando, Kissimmee, Lake Buena Vista, Sanford, Apopka, Winter Park Altamonte Springs and many other areas, SpeedPro Orlando acts as a trusted partner to Central Florida.

Other Products & Services

Wall coverings are just one aspect of our business. We print a wide variety of signage and graphics at SpeedPro Orlando. If you’re needing another product, check out our other solutions below. You can also request a consultation and we’ll walk you through our full range of products and services.

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