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Step and Repeat Banners in Pearland

Often, the main attraction of movie events and premieres is the red carpet everyone walks down. But the large piece that is so, so important but often overlooked is in the background. These backdrops are the perfect setting to put movie companies and sponsorships in plain sight. Not only do people at the event see the image repeated over and over again all along the carpet, but the branding also goes further than that moment. Photos taken in front get passed around and posted online, generating the ultimate exposure for those sponsors.

Now, how would you like to bring your business that level of exposure and visibility? The good news is, now you can! SpeedPro Imaging Pearland creates custom step and repeat banners to represent and promote your brand at all of your important events, whether it’s a corporate-wide exposition, a trade show or even a pop-up event. You choose the frame and size, and we’ll design something to meet your branding needs. Professional or laid-back, we’ve got you covered!

If your company or organization is located in or around the Pearland area, reach out to our studio today, and we’ll help your upcoming event be photo ready.

Multiple Uses for Step and Repeat Backdrops

Step and repeat banners are both tactical and fashionable. Line up multiple frames in a row to create a dramatic effect down a hallway, just like a red carpet event, or establish a photo-ready perimeter around your venue. Made of vinyl material, our step and repeat backdrops are durable pieces of branding promotion that can be used and re-used for all of your events.

Step and repeat banners emphasize your brand in the professional world while also allowing you to connect with your audience.

At trade shows, these banners are the perfect backdrop for any table display. Customers will want to walk up to your display not just for your business but for the fun, interactive moment. With a step and repeat banner, you can take a branded image of your business and reinforce it all around your area. Especially with the likelihood of press and media covering the event, having a step and repeat banner to show off your brand will give your business some advertising outside the event!

Point of purchase displays work the exact same way. At these events, you’re trying to get people to buy on impulse, in the moment, without walking away from the sale. What better way to get them to buy or invest in your company than to persuade them with a photo opportunity?

By keeping a step and repeat banner by your side, you ensure that your setup will stand out from the crowd, inviting people in to check out what you’re offering. Once they make the purchase, offer them the chance to take a photo, and share it online! This process will help spread the word about your company while also making sure your customers know who you are and can trust you.

Custom Step and Repeat Solutions Everyone Will Love

If you’re looking to promote your brand in a fun yet professional way, call us today! We’ll work to set up a consultation between you and our design team to fully understand the needs of your business and branding efforts. Let’s begin!


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