Banner Stand and Trade show Lights: Sale

Banner Stands and Studio lights

From X-Shaped to adjustable pole stands,  SpeedPro Philly North now has a selection of cheap banner stands and studio lights ready at the door. Since there is a smaller selection to choose from, prices have the been lowered to assure you can find one that suites you and get them out the door.


Banner Stands:

Non adjustable, retractable banner stand with swivel foot, 3 available (31.5″x82″ & 33.5″x81″)

Non adjustable, dual footed, retractable banner stand (36″x82″)

Expolinc L-bracket, adjustable banner stand (27.5″x77.5″)

Adjustable X-frame banner stand (2’x6.5′)

Orbus Trio pole banner (31.5″x84″)


Trade show Lights:

Lum 1-c (Clip mount included) 3 available
$30.00 each

Halogen (Clip mount not included)
$30.00 each


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