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If you want to grab attention, a large wall mural printing will definitely help you do it. A mural can do a lot of things — it can advertise your brand, create a particular ambiance in a
room or inspire your team as they go about their workdays. In some cases, office wall murals can be multi-purpose, helping to market your company while also inspiring your team.

Once you’ve decided you want to install a mural on at least one wall in your company’s office, the next step is to decide where to put it. The location of a printed wall covering depends in large part on who you want to see the image and what you hope to accomplish with it.


When you’re deciding where to install your company’s new mural, it helps to consider who the audience is. A large wall covering can greet visitors as they enter the building, or it could be installed in an area where only people who work for your company will see it. Here are some ideas to help you decide where to put an indoor wall mural in your office:


Whether your company has an entire building all to itself or rents out a floor or two in a larger building, hanging a mural by the entrance can be a good option. The mural can greet your team members as they arrive for work each day, or it can help visitors confirm they have arrived at the right location.

For that reason, it’s usually a good idea to have an entranceway mural feature branding or your company’s logo. You want people to look at it and know they’ve found the offices they are looking for.

If your mural is visible to people passing by, it can also serve as an advertisement for your business. For example, if the mural is hanging from the wall of a lobby on the ground floor, people might spot it from the street as they walk past.


If your office space has lots of hallways, the walls along those hallways can be the perfect spots for brand murals. Your team likely strolls through the hallways each day on their way to and from work or on their way to and from meetings or the offices of their co-workers.

Hallway murals can accomplish a lot of different things. Depending on the age and history of your business, you might create a mural for a hallway that’s in the form of a timeline. The timeline can begin with the earliest days of your company at one end of the hall and continue all the way up to the present at the other end.

Hallways are the perfect spots for brand murals.

Another option for a hallway mural is one that creates a sense of movement. For example, a mural with images of fish swimming in a river or in the ocean can help people feel as if they are making progress as they move down the hallway. Even an abstract image, such as horizontal lines or arrows, can create a sense of movement in the hallway.

Hallway murals can also be inspiring. You might decide to create a mural based on an inspirational quote that has some meaning for your business. Every time employees or visitors walk down that particular hallway, they’ll see the quote and be reminded of your brand’s values.


A large, blank wall in a conference room can be the perfect canvas for an inspiring mural. Ideally, a large mural in a conference room will help to encourage employees to focus during meetings, rather than distract them. You have a lot of options when it comes to the type of mural you hang in a conference room.

One option is to work with a local artist and have them create a design that incorporates your brand’s colors or logo in some way. It can be a twist on your typical branding — something meant to inspire your team to think outside the box or to send the message that your company isn’t afraid to try new things.

Another option is to create a mural that calms or soothes people, but doesn’t make them feel bored. A wall mural printing of a city’s skyline — ideally the city your office is located in — can help people feel at ease. If the conference room doesn’t have windows, a nature scene can be perfect, as it provides some access to greenery and beauty, even when your team isn’t able to see nature in real life.


A mural doesn’t necessarily have to be on a wall. It can also decorate a door. You can install murals on the doors to different offices in your building or workspace to help people identify what’s behind them. For example, if you have a kitchen for employees or guests to use, you can hang a mural featuring food on the door, so people can figure out it’s the door to the kitchen.

Another option is to design door-sized murals that have a quote on them that speaks to the employees who work in that office. Your marketing team might decide on a quote from someone who’s highly regarded in the marketing industry while your sales team might pick a quote from a book or movie that speaks to them.


A mural can transform a lackluster employee lounge into a place your team wants to hang out in. Stay away from motivational posters and install something your team will be thrilled to look at, day after day.

Hang a mural that creates a sense of calm in the lounge area. Help your employees relax on their breaks by installing a mural that has calming images, such as a waterfall or mountain range. A landscape or image of an expansive blue sky can also be soothing.


Should you hang a mural in the lobby, in the conference room or in the employee lounge? If you’re not sure where the best location is for your brand’s mural, SpeedPro can help. We’ll work with you to help you design a mural that’s eye-catching, soothing or thought-provoking, whatever your goals are.

To learn more about wall murals and how to make them work in your company’s office space, find the SpeedPro studio nearest you today.

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