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A topic that’s becoming more and more popular and important in today’s society is the accessibility of workplaces and places of business. Everyone should feel like they have the same opportunities as one another, no matter their current situation or background. In the corporate world, this goal often translates to making sure anyone and everyone has access to your building and can feel comfortable and at ease no matter where they decide to go.

SpeedPro of Phoenix is looking forward to assisting businesses and organizations making this transformative step into acceptance and accessibility. ADA building signage can be installed both inside and outside to provide visual solutions for multiple branding and business needs. If your company is located around the areas of Phoenix, Scottsdale and Arcadia, make sure to reach out to our studio today to secure your ADA signs immediately.

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Outdoor ADA Building Signage

The first step in creating an equal and fair place of business is to make sure everyone can get inside your building. Custom ADA signs are very popular in terms of creating handicap parking spaces for those with wheelchairs. However, there are a number of other signage options that can be created based on your business’s needs and services. For example, you might want to install some signs for expectant mother parking, lowering the amount of effort they need to exert to get inside.

This type of custom signage doesn’t just stop in the parking lot. Making sure you identify the proper entrances for people of all abilities will be helpful. Clearly indicate where stairs are located versus ramps and elevators, and make sure signs are posted along pathways and not just at the front door entrance.

You can also emphasize and distinguish the areas that are safe for smoking and those that are non-smoking areas. Protecting the health of your customers and employees should be of the utmost importance to you and your team.

Using clear ADA signage to create comfortable and welcoming experiences for all should be the goal of every business.

Indoor Braille Signs

Braille signs don’t just belong inside, but it’s the area that you’ll most commonly find them. Identifying the different areas of your office in braille translations is crucial in assisting those who are visually impaired. Navigating an unknown territory with a complex floor layout can be stressful enough — providing the assistance of braille can lessen the tension and confusion. Show where bathrooms, exits, reception, waiting rooms and individual private offices are for employees and customers alike.

At SpeedPro of Phoenix, we also want to extend the customization of unisex and all-accessible bathroom signage. More and more businesses are moving away from single-gendered restrooms, which allows everyone, whether customer or employee, to feel free to express their identity however they wish without being forced to choose.

SpeedPro Can Help With ADA Signs in Phoenix

If you’re ready to begin making your business more accessible for people of all backgrounds, contact our studio to request customized ADA building signage. Feel free to ask for more information and set up a consultation appointment to discuss your needs.

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