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The coronavirus has upended many people’s lives and presented a number of challenges to businesses. If you’re one of the many business owners impacted by COVID-19, you’re likely looking for any way to make your business safer during this public health crisis. You’re also probably hoping to find new ways to market your company and bring in customers at a time when many people are staying inside.

A good way to improve the safety of your business and attract customers is with customized COVID signs. As offices, retail stores, restaurants and other businesses re-open, it’s helpful when safety precautions and updated hours of operation are clearly presented.

In this guide, we’ll discuss coronavirus signage options and advantages.


Benefits of Coronavirus Signage [list]

Coronavirus signage for businesses is meant to help companies adjust marketing efforts to the novel needs that COVID-19 has brought to business. COVID signage can range from exterior signs advertising curbside pickup options to mask policy and other safety precautions.


Before investing in coronavirus signage, it’s helpful to know the advantages available to businesses.  Check out the following benefits of investing in coronavirus graphics and signs:

  • Keep customers safe: Ensure that customers and clients feel safe when they enter your facility making safety a top objective on your priority list. Signage is a great tool for building a safe environment for visitors. For example, informing customers about proper social distancing practices or demonstrating the proper way to wear a face mask creates a more sanitary environment.
  • Address customers’ fears: Many people are, justifiably, worried about being in public, even when their state reduces the restrictions on social distancing. As a business owner, anticipate those concerns and make efforts to create a safe place for customers or clients to visit. If customers don’t know about the safety precautions you’ve taken, they might go somewhere else or stay at home.
  • Create a sanitary work environment: Businesses need to do what’s possible to create a safe environment for employees.  Ensure your employees are as safe as possible when they come into work. For instance, placing signage throughout your business that informs customers to wear masks and keep a distance from workers can protect employees.
  • Bring in business: People have come to expect that their favorite restaurants and shops are going to be closed or have limited hours. Coronavirus signs let people know that your business is back up and running, which can drum up demand for your offerings. Use signage to also highlight any new hours keeping customers informed.


When looking to add coronavirus signs and graphics to your business, it’s helpful to have an idea of what’s available. There are several types of signage to implement to improve safety and draw customers. This signage comes in a variety of forms and materials, that can be implemented to meet overall brand image and budgetary goals.

Check out some of the top signage options below:


If your business requires customers to wear a mask while inside, a sign is a great way to communicate that information at entrances. Face mask signs or graphics often come with text that instructs customers to put on a mask before entering. In addition to text, imagery can be eye-catching and friendly.

Face mask signage can also cover the basics of mask wearing. Graphics can highlight how customers should be wearing their mask, while also highlighting the common ways that people don’t wear them correctly, such as keeping the nose uncovered. This sort of information can help your business become a safer location and act as a public service announcement, helping people become more responsible citizens.

Face mask signage often comes in the form of window graphics, A-frame sidewalk signs and other pieces of outdoor signage. Ensure that your customers are well-informed and keep your staff safe by ensuring anyone visiting your location is wearing the appropriate face masks.


Social distancing signage comes in a variety of forms, from floor graphics to exterior signage. This signage generally contains imagery and text that reinforces how far people in your office, store or other location should be staying from each other at all times. The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that people maintain a safe six feet of distance.

Social distancing signs to keep people 6 feet apart.

Social distancing signs can inform people before they come inside that they need to be staying six feet apart from others. In addition to exterior signage and window graphics to tell people to social distance, environmental graphics can be placed in office and building interiors to help visitors visualize the safe distance needed. Floor graphics are great for this use as they can be placed throughout the building.


Many businesses and organizations have begun implementing temperature check protocols. Businesses temperature check protocols in place will often require everyone, including employees, clients and customers, to take their temperature at entrances. This safeguard helps keep anyone with fever from others, helping to slow the spread of the virus.

Signage for temperature checks is designed to inform anyone who has access to your building that they will need to undergo a temperature check before entering. Although temperature checks can often be done with a scanner that’s non-invasive, some customers may be put off by the prospect. Signage helps customers or clients prepare for temperature checks. The signage can also direct people to an organization’s temperature check station.

There are several types of signs that can facilitate temperature check messages. A-frame signs can be lined across walkways into your building, so customers are aware even before they enter the building.


If you run a restaurant or another type of company that wants to reduce contact between staff and the public, you’ll likely have implemented some sort of curbside pickup service that allows customers to pull up near your business and pick up whatever they ordered with minimal contact between themselves and your staff. This method also keeps people from coming into your building, where it’s more likely for the virus to spread due to people shopping close together.

Curbside pickup signs let potential customers know that you’re open for business and that you’re taking precautions to protect them. Take-out signs can help generate orders and inform potential customers that your business is still open. Curbside pickup and carry out signs are crucial for helping people know that your business is taking the virus seriously and that you’re still providing the top-quality products, meals and services they’re used to receiving.

These signs can often be placed as decals on your windows so that, if anyone visits your location to see if you’re open, they can be informed about the ways they can engage with your business. Additionally, curbside pick up messages can be used on large format signage or on banners as a part of a broader marketing campaign to catch the eyes of motorists or those out on a walk, increasing your public presence.


Businesses that offer delivery should be making sure people know about this helpful service.  Even as restrictions lift, some people aren’t going to feel comfortable going out for some time. As such, it’s important that businesses get whatever they’re offering directly to customers without making conducting business as easy as possible. Delivery signs will help businesses appeal to those who are trying to reduce social contact as much as possible.

Outdoor signs are ideal for advertising delivery options. One popular form of outdoor signage is large-format corporate signs, which can be mounted off of the side of your business or on their own on an H-frame base. The large graphics and text can capture the eyes of anyone passing and provide information about delivery options. Use signage to highlight the ways you’re making delivery even more sanitary, such as offering no-contact delivery.


Coronavirus has caused many businesses to shut down temporarily. For  Businesses that have been closed will benefit from utilizing “now open” signs that will let their customer base know they’re back up and running. To get people to notice that your company is now open, you can employ larger exterior signs, such as banners or yard signs.

Even if your company has stayed open since the outbreak, you may have had to adjust your hours to account for a decrease in demand or other coronavirus effects. A change in hours needs to be communicated to keep customers informed and knowledgeable.  Window decals that can be applied and removed easily are often ideal for communicating changes in hours.


Hand sanitizer stations are popping up everywhere as companies and organizations recognize the importance of clean hands, especially if they operate a business where customers can handle products, such as in a retail or grocery setting. Hand sanitizing stations give users the chance to keep their hands clean and kill the virus when hands become a vector.


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